Mystery Shopping in Thailand

Mystery Shopping is a very popular practice since the 1940s for companies and market research companies all over the world. Many companies try to find out that their products and services are received and thought by their customers. What is the public's rating for the products or services offered by companies? In a mysterious purchase, a mysterious buyer becomes a regular customer and evaluates the products and services offered by companies. The results will then be forwarded to the companies in reporting format that updates or updates these services. Mysterious shopping consists of basic tasks or behaviors that every regular customer behaves like buying a product, registering complaints, asking questions, or behaving in a certain way. The mystery shopping can be used in almost every industry. One of the best candidates for mysterious shopping is retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, fast food chains, gas stations, banks, residential buildings, vehicle traders, health clubs, hospitals and nonprofit organizations and schools.

The Thai economy is largely based on exports, accounting for around 60% of Thailand's GDP. Thailand exports products such as fish, rice, agricultural products, textiles, cars, tires, computers, electronics and jewelry. The Thai economy is the second largest South-East Asian country, and this is also the largest exporter of rice. Approximately 7% of the GDP of Thailand's economies is received from the tourism sector. Thailand is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.

Since Thailand is such a huge business-oriented economy, its companies try to live and get real-time input from customers to improve product and service standards and provide world-class product and service opportunities.

Mysterious customers are dramatically rising in numbers these days. Since mystery shopping is practiced by many people on a part-time basis, part-time employees, many of whom are shopping enthusiasts, are fulfilling the desire to buy while earning extra money while helping one or more mysterious shopping companies. These mysterious buyers are registered with mysterious shopping companies that are being added to evaluate their customers' services or goods. Buyers give you a list of tasks and issues that are evaluated and recorded in the store. The most common observations are:

· Welcoming Time
· Business Promise Hygiene
· Dress Code, Greeting, Labeling, etc. service
· Inquiry for certain services
· Employee information, such as names, design, etc.

Buyer submits a properly completed evaluation sheet together with the invoices and earnings. Payment schedules range from company to company. From 2 weeks to 8 weeks or more.

Some very popular mystery shopping companies are SASSIE ™ Mystery Shopping System, Ath Power Consulting, Hello Mirror, and the Prophet. 4. With Mystery Shopping, client companies receive the most valuable feedback. For mysterious customers, they are not only looking for a purchase, but also looking for a few hundred or thousands of extra money. While it takes time and patience, and the initial investment (before returning), the mystery buyer turns to many people and can make a great income-earning job.

Source by Anjul S. Hazaam

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