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Travel to Maui? Important considerations are that you can travel easily and easily.

1.) When the Go-Off season is perfect for better prices and less crowded conditions. However, the peak season has the advantage of being easier to handle, or if you arrive from the north, you have the opportunity to leave the weather noise.

2.) Seasons – The main season is typically in winter and summer. In the low season (lower prices, fewer crowds) in May, June, September and early October.

3.) Best weather – Fortunately, Maui has a good weather over the years, the temperature of the 80's. Usually the two areas of the island – a wet side (more rain) and dry side. In March there is more rain than other months, but it is not enough to cause concern.

4.) Maui Areas – In short, there are 8 areas:

– Hana, beautiful, rain, distant

– Wailea, top quality, , golf

– Kapalua, top quality,

– Kaanapali / Lahaina, moderate prices, beaches, golf, busy, many activities

– Wailuku / Kahului, local residents, offices, airport

higher altitude, cooler, beautiful different countryside

– Kihei, affordable accommodation, activities

– Maalaea, harbor

– Hotels, Full Service, Small Rooms, No Kitchens

– Vacation, Great Accomodation, Full Kitchen

– Home Exchange – Less Costly but Hard to Organize

This was the first article, the hell the remaining reports cover other things that need to be considered when traveling to Maui and making it easier and more entertaining.

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