Making and Distributing Viral Video

Let's start by determining exactly what a viral video is. Viral videos are almost instantly popular. Each has some form of brand / self promotion and a very high value for entertainment. Keep in mind that people can surf the net for two reasons: solving a problem or having fun. If the video solves the problem and can entertain the masses at once … VIRAL!

Viral Video Reference Values ​​

Keep Short for 15-90 Seconds, 15-30 Seconds

Allow the video to be easily blended.

Creating Shock Value

If you make a call in your video, make sure that the link is the first thing in the description

I suggest you make 3-5 videos and take it create a group of friends to make a "focus group". The focus group determines which of the 3 to 5 videos was the best, and how well they performed these features below. Unique Funny Stupid Dangerous Strange / Strange Gross Worth Talking

After You Made The Video, How Can It Be Viralized?

Video Syndication Strategy

Upload a video to TubeMogul the power of TubeMogul is to allow you to upload video to Myspace, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Metacafe, Blip.Tv, Daily Motion and Veoh. You can then monitor your performance on a dashboard.

On YouTube you will find videos that are relevant to you and answer your video.

Support it on social networks because it

Find discussion forums related to your video and send it as a mail.

Submit to StumbleUpon in the YouTube video section.

Send it to Fark and BigBoards.

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