Mai Pen Rai means he never thinks – a personal glimpse of Thai culture

In 1995, in the United States, I offered a great job in Thailand. My idea of ​​Thailand was exotic and wild, with jungles, beaches and temples, but I didn't know anything about culture or people.

As part of the motion preparation, the company gave me a book called "Caren Hollinger" Mai Pen Rai Means Never To Think ". The subtitle of the book is "The honest affection of an American housewife with the disrespectful people of Thailand". I started reading it, but I didn't get into it immediately, and I decided to make my own opinion and leave the book alone.

I just finished, 10

Carol Hollinger arrived in Thailand with her husband, following her work, but decided to leave and do her own thing. He worked as a teacher at the best university in Thailand, and he contacted the Thai people as much as he could.

She was lucky enough to be able to meet some influential Thai people, as well as some key aliens who all made their experiences deeper and more intelligent than most people did, but they took every opportunity, no matter how strange they were. to get up and close to earth, animals, people, history, food, buildings and anything else you find. Weather, fatigue, illness or language barriers were not prevented. He dipped in damaged water, cut it, ate it and drank what he got, talking with his hand and face, listening to his eyes and heart, and feeling everywhere that the Thai loves and respects.

The book presents the writer's knowledge of imaginary words and read books that can read the reader a little, but the love for the Thai people and the affordable culture are still clearly communicating.

gives you the courage to release the conventions and enjoy yourself. Carol Hollinger not only enjoyed himself in Thailand after he let go of his Americanism, but he seemed to enjoy this excellent book at every moment. I often smiled at myself as I read about the nervous strangers in Thai ants, while "Acharn" Hollinger looked and winced. Many of these episodes resembled my own experiences in Thailand and elsewhere.

"Mai Pen Rai" is highly recommended when going to Thailand. If not, you will still be interested in reading and you may be able to visit Thailand and meet the wonderful people of the land of smiles.

Source by Gal Baras

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