Machu Picchu in the New Year

The good news is that yes, Machhu Picchu is open during the New Year. The even better news is that in the New Year, the wonderful, near Cusco city is an unforgettable experience. Here are some local traditions and what to expect as a visitor. People in Cusco take the idea of ​​old and new extremes. Discover your wardrobe? No problem. Now is the time to burn everything out and go out and buy a whole new piece of clothing. A particular politician is uncovered; something last year you want to forget? Dress up a baby to symbolize what he wants to leave and then solemnly burn it on the street. At a private ceremony, a friend describes what you want to leave and burn paper. On another paper, they hope for the new year. Keep the hopes in a safe place and maybe they will be realized. If you go to El Molino's busy market, you will find: pubs go out on the road outside the sale of yellow sweaters. Why? In the big night, yellow spinning brings good luck. If you are after your love, go to red; they are looking for green and money for their health. You can enjoy candles in the color of your wishes. If you're wondering, under the clothes or under the clothes you can wear yellow shirts. Underwear can be combined with huge comedy glasses and confetti (yellow, of course).

Visit the Plaza de Armas on December 31, and find the streets filled with people of all kinds of fancy dress, yellow is a lot of evidence. Be careful, though, that the main square is quickly crowded at midnight. The belief that your fortune is three times around the square and if you want to travel for a new year, do not forget to take your suitcase with you on the circuit!

At midnight, fireworks are switched off, in the sky, on the ground. Everywhere! If you do not want to gamble in the square, settle on one of the balconies with a view. Or, better, look for the roof across the city. You will see that not only the main square, every home in Cusco apparently has a fireworks and covers the whole city and up around the mountains. Wherever you go, you will certainly return to your bed, tired in the morning, some friends … and a lot of yellow confetti in your clothes.

Source by Karen Ward

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