Luxury River Sailing in Europe

Luxury European river cruises combine elegance with the many small towns along the river. This gives travelers the opportunity to become acquainted with the true culture of the country.

Amadeus Waterways – Paris to Istanbul

At Amadeus Waterways, the European holiday begins in Paris, the City Light where passengers spent several days exploring the city,. Walk to the Champs Elysées, on the boulevard boulevard, or visit the Eiffel Tower. The hikers are nearby in history while the boat slip along the Rhine and the Main River.

Then to Nessebar, one of Europe's oldest cities, before joining the Romanian cruise. The ship moves along the Romanian / Bulgarian border before continuing Serbia. By the end of the trip guests can enjoy a day trip to one of Europe's most spectacular natural wonders, the Iron Gate. The vacation ends in historic Istanbul.

The trip includes 14 nights of luxury accommodation in an outdoor cabin. Rooms are equipped with internet, movies and a music library.

Viking River Cruises – 2009 Treasures of the Rhine

This 15 day trip to five countries on the legendary Rhine River. The journey begins in the Basel region of Switzerland and continues in the Black Forest region of Germany and France.

On the Rhine, the ship stops at the renowned Rudesheim wine town and the beautiful Cologne. The highlight of the trip is the guided tour of the city of Strasbourg. See Place d'Austerlitz and the European Parliament, and enjoy the city's shopping cathedral.

On the fifth day, guests are on a motorboat in Heidelberg. The tour includes the Heidelberg Castle, the red sandstone ruins overlooking the Neckar River.

Then go to Holland to discover Amsterdam's scenic canals. In Amsterdam, travelers will have the opportunity to enjoy a glass-bottomed canal boat beside commercial houses and the famous Skinny Bridge.

In Belgium, travelers can explore the medieval towns of Bruges and Antwerp.

Evergreen Tours – Russian Jewelery Jewelry

How does imperial jewelery sound like Russia River Cruise? Guests can enjoy 12 night cruises on Russian Surkov, the most prestigious river cruises in Russia. Discover the world's most interesting, yet reliably discoverable destinations.

Experience Russian history, the imposing Red Square and the Kremlin, and meet old towns along the Volga River.

St. Louis Friday's guests are taken to cruise ship cruise ships. The journey begins with the discovery of an impressive city, including the stunning Peter and Paul Fortress. The cathedral inside the fort contains the tombs of the last Romanov family.

The tour continues to Nevsky Prospect, where guests can visit Kazan Cathedral, the Winter Palace and St. Petersburg. Izsák Cathedral.

The highlight of the trip is the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Kizhi Island. One of the oldest Russians in the country, the island is an open-air museum of architecture that includes major buildings.

Blue Water Tour – Andalusian Feast

Blue Water Festivals offer a cruise in the historic Andalusian region. Spain, sherry, flamenco, mountains and the home of the Costa del Sol. This eight-day cruise runs between Seville and Cadiz on the River Guadalquivir and the Spanish coast.

This fabulous trip takes trips to historic places and cities. Some optional excursions are also available to cities such as Jerez, sherry and flamenco, the city of Seville and the Rock of Gibraltar.

Passengers will be able to sail on weekdays in an outdoor cabin with excellent meals with all the food you eat, unlimited quality red and white wines in Europe's great wine cellar with every meal, cocktail and captain's gala dinner.

Luftner Cruises – Music on the Danube

The world's largest classical music comes from a small European town in Central Europe. Why not take a river cruise along the Danube to reveal the musical origins of the genre?

With Luftner Boat Trips, travelers can enjoy the Danube River's musical tour. The cruise boasts many musical extravagance at a concert at the Beethoven House in Bonn, a tour of Strasbourg, which includes a concert in St. Louis. Thomas Church.

The singers of the London Opera Festival entertain, the trip occupies two full days in Budapest and a visit to the Slovak capital in Bratislava. While in the Wachau Valley, Vienna and Budapest, the route includes many guided hikes.

River cruise like this is the same as a floating hotel that is passing through the heart of Europe.

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