Low Raise, Medium Raise, High Raised Jeans: Determination

What's "Raise"? Well, if you buy a jeans and measure the length from waist to armpit – that is your ascension.

Low-rise jeans are between 7 and 8 inches, these styles are flattering only for Kate Moss and other women whose stomach is basically concave, and everyone else will find that they're sporting the dreaded muffin top from the start , And the back cracks are not recommended in these jeans.Not one eats

Mid-Run Jeans: 8 ½ "- 10" inches Up It's actually the biggest thing since the fire For years, as most people I remember mass merchants selling only low-cost or high-waist jeans, and about five years ago, this cut became popular and mature women were again buying jeans

High-rise jeans: anything more than 10 ½ inches. Add the neckline to the front of the beauty and have the dreaded "mother of jeans." Just walk, boyfriend, just walk around. It's safe for Jessica Biel to go They took photos of Jessica Alba's filmmakers, wearing tall jeans, but just doing it ironically, just like: "Something very ugly and neglecting you're wearing, but somehow it's fine Thin and beautiful … how ironic! "

This is my choice of flattering, real-life jeans, with the exception of the 524, and the Levis 525 as well as the Gap Long and Lean 525 are very comfortable, but to my mind, I think they have to cut them to the front slimming panel, which is actually working on the middle part, which means that they are perfect for football games and go to the park, I have to admit I did not think Long and Lean will work for my body, but that's … As long as I buy a larger size than normal, this works because the legs are thin, so I can buy something to fit my waist without the legs being too loose or loose. These are sexy jeans, perfect for fashion nights or for girls overnight.

If someone told me that ten years ago Lee would wear jeans, I would still laugh at them, and then I cried. I still remember them as the unformed farmer priests wore on a large display at the local Mervyn. Natural dressing cuts are flattering and I love this abdomen. This would be your favorite jeans (Price! Fit!), Except the fact that they come in a color that looks cheap. For comparison, low-rise jeans sit under your waist, medium-sized jeans sit down and are the most loyal while high-rise farmers are not friendly because they emphasize more than 40 women's problem areas.

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