Link Rot and Navigation

If a website designs a page from the site without replacing the old pages with another page. In this case, the user sees a 404 or "no page found" error. If you receive this error message, even if the connection still exists, this link is a rotation . This can happen if for some reason a site's domain or web site address changes.

Link rotting often occurs when you reorganize your site or there is some problem with your hosting service. The page is set to a new keyword-rich URL. But it's better not to let this happen, so design your site correctly. Reorganizing your site means there was nothing in the past, and anything that naturally links your pages will be lost after the time has passed if there is no redirection. Users who have bookmarked your site will surely lose the site's trail if there is no redirection. Use the redirect whenever the domain name or web page URL changes. However you can not find the page, this makes a bad impression, so the link rotting must always be prevented.

To prevent the connection from rotating permanently, even if it does not seem to be sorted out. Too late. For one or two odd pages to move to a new address, redirect them to the old url. You can even use meta update or Javascript.

Prior to uploading the site, strict testing is required – check your navigation. Navigation should be designed to keep the user in mind, so some users will be able to see their opponents. Make sure all pages on the web site need clear navigation so that the user can easily move around to find more information they are interested in. Therefore, internal pages are also called relational pages. The navigation buttons must indicate what the page is. The design of a good website always prevents or prevents any breaks between links on the website.

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