Let's have some spice on Thailand for vacation adventure tours

Thailand is the most well-known southern beaches and nightlife and many visitors spend the days relaxing at the beach before reaching the bars and discos. But those who are looking for more exciting activities will also take care of a variety of adventure activities, hiking and bamboo rafting to rafting or even bungee jumping.

Located off the coast, the southern islands offer sea kayaking and wild boar. Koh Samui, Krabi and Phuket are the ideal starting point for organizing sea kayak or kayak trips, with many operators who take a few days touring. The most important of these are caves that are only accessible to the sea and hidden lagoons, where you can swim and camp overnight.

Those who want to test their hunting ability may become worse than wild game hunting in Phuket's Andaman Sea. Here, many fish such as sailing, catch tuna and swordfish can be found. Day trips, night fishing or several days of excursions can be easily organized here. Keep in mind that all river basins should be immediately discharged into the sea.

Rats are to be shown north where Chiang Mai is one of the foundations for adventure tours. Hiking is the most popular choice here, and tourists have been more or less tiring for mountain villages for decades.

Tours can last from one day to a week, and the most important factor is when deciding which company to choose to ask for travelers who have recently traveled. Most hikes are a few hours' walk a day, and elephant riding, bamboo rafting and nightlife in mountain villages are the most important.

An outbreak of fun lies in the northern streams where rafting in inflatable boats is becoming more popular. The River Pai in Mae Hong Son offers abundant bird life and floating monkeys. Near Nam near Nan, thanks to the rafters, like any other waterway in Thailand and boasting the wildest crashes. Chiang Mai is located near the Mae Cham River, which is perfect for daily excursions. The best time for rafting is from mid June to the end of January when the water level is not too high or too low.

Do not miss the cave, in one of the northern provinces. Pang Mapha district Pai and Mae Hong Son offer some of Asia's most spectacular cave networks. Many of these are first discovered by the Australian owner of Cave Lodge, which is an ideal place for spelunking. Here you can add experienced guides to relocate through the lesser-known caves or just get a map and go with your own to explore the many caves that I can easily discover without a guide.

If you really want to mix it up, the paradise for Mae Sa Valley Adventurer. Just 20 km away from Chiang Mai, bungee jumping, painting, archery, ATV riding and archery are all within a few kilometers. In Thailand there is no fun joke adventure.

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