Learning Yoga – Choosing India for a Destination

India is a place where yoga originates, I think if someone wants to dive into yoga's art, then India is just the destination. India is the land of yoga and attracts yogis from all over the world who seek a spiritual and tranquil passage through the daily lifestyle.

Why would I call Indian as a target for yoga? Because I'm Indian. Well, India invented many thousands of years before yoga and meditation before the world understands its importance. India offers many yoga houses and retreats, and in India you can look for a variety of courses and treatments to heal the soul, body and soul of man. Western Yoga focuses primarily on physical postures and sequences (asana), but in India, especially in traditional ashrams, asana is only a part of the whole system. Thus, in India, greater emphasis can be given to spiritual breathing, meditation, spiritual cleansing with devotional practices such as teaching philosophy, chanting mantras, and karma yoga. the best yoga goal for you, I would like to mention some good places in India where you can learn the yoga art

1. Rishikesh

This place is called the capital of the yoga world. The place is the spiritual destination of many people, and the Ashrams and Yoga Centers occupy both ancient and modern architecture. The city is located on the banks of the Ganges River, and it is believed that the meditation here brings a soul closer to Moksha (enlightenment). Bihar Yoga School, Munger Bihar

In this school, yoga is a way of life and not just a practice. Karma Yoga benefits from Asana. In addition to classes, they have to wait for them to be like legal, cleaning utensils, kitchen work; Cleaning the washbasin is part of the schedule.

3. Purple Valley, Assagoa, Goa

This place is a modern yog who seeks out juices, detoxification and Wi-Fi. This place is the best in the world like John Scott, Petri Raisanen, etc. For yoga and meditation. Do not worry if you are not a yoga veteran, as one of the most famous institutions of yoga is to encourage enthusiasts with great enthusiasm. 4. Kaivalyadham Ashram, Lonavala Maharashtra

Lonavala is a small mountain station located between Pune and Mumbai. This ashram was created as a handsome center in 1924 and can spend one day, one week, one month and several years to explore and experience the many programs you need to offer. The ashram also offers a degree and full accredited degrees for yoga teachers alongside short courses for beginner and advanced students.

5. Himalayas Iyengar Yoga Center, Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh and Arambol Goa

This center is unique in itself. In summer, the center works in Himachal, and in winter it goes to Arambol Goa Square. The institute is owned by an accredited Yoga teacher from BKS Iyengar and is known for his yoga techniques. Each student must go through the first five-day course before continuing their further professional training courses.

6. Mysore Mandala, Mysore, Karnataka

This is one of the most beautiful places of Yoga Mysore. The Yoga Center is located in a century-old house and is a charming café, which is provided by the owner's organic producer. It is more of a Western-style retreat than a traditional ashram. You can choose from a number of departments. The teaching was led by 9 teachers and teacher education is highly regarded here.

These were the best yogic centers to choose from if you would like to learn yoga in India. Indian yoga centers are very varied. The traditional and the ancient feelings can be achieved in a center exactly opposite to the western retreat on the other side. You can not find traditional yoga with western touch anywhere else in the world except India. If there are many opportunities to learn yoga in India, why do you want to look for good gambling training anywhere in the world?

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