Learning Martial Arts Online – Real or Get Real?

Here's the bold truth – many martial arts schools are mediocre, and some are totally wicked. What's worse, you must call all the martial arts schools in the area, then set up meetings to visit them and then try to figure out which program is legitimate.

In addition, you need to make sure that the hours of training promote the timetable, the age of combat art school is capable of … and most importantly, the crowd is not a lot of fighting gangsters.

Finding a good school that the train can be a real job and no wonder people say, "I've always wanted to learn martial arts …" The truth is that many people are years Since they have learned to learn martial arts, sometimes they all live for these reasons.

Or maybe you're not interested in learning pressure from anyone else or you can not ignore promotional tests. Some of our current students have now switched their training to the Internet to learn at their own pace at their own home whenever they want. Now this is freedom!

I have a very often received question: "Can you really learn martial arts online?" I can say that this question is often not from martial arts. Our current students know that they can fully learn online. Let's look at the following:

Learn From Your Own Rampage

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Find a Worldwide Recognized Black Zone for Enrollment Warrior Training Program

Learn the Material From Anywhere in the World

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] Your area may not have a high-quality martial arts school with the relevant tutors

Myths Online Myths

You will not know that you make a mistake because there is no Live Instructor to correct.

Truth – In Warrior, we assign a tutor with unlimited email support. In addition, you will be able to upload your own training video to your instructor to criticize.

Myth 2 Do you have to work with other people to improve your abilities?

Truth – Hmmm … I like this man because it seems true and meaning … to a certain extent. Let me tell you about my 1999 National Taekwondo Championship.

I imagined it, because no one was in Idaho, that was my caliber. Caliber, elite-level sparring and heavy weight. Of course, I had my students who were pretty good and quick, but I did not have the caliber. I'd be lying if I said I did not practice sparring with people because I was. In fact, I spent a couple of days at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center under our US team. The point is, I did not have the opportunity to train with caliber people, so I developed a training system for myself – speed and strength, timing and technique building. I've been watching videos, countless videos. I learned the best fighters in the world. I read the books on sports psychology and the fast workout.

So how did I do in Nationals. Well, I took the gold in the poomse (shapes) of nearly 20 competitors. This is not what I was there, but I came to the competition, mainly to see if I would be independent of my training and to see if the race was dominant with explosive speed and accuracy in technique, power and flexibility. I did.

For sparring … this is the real test. Would my solo workout allow everyone to rule Everyone on the road around the medal? My goal was the coin. My only goal was to take advantage of the opportunity to try the American team and launch the medal race was the mission.

I knew in my heart, nothing could stop it. With 20+ competitors I knew that very few would have been training harder than me. I found the brackets in the warm-up section of the Michigan Detroit Convention Center. I read my name closer to my breath – Michael Tang. Michael Tang was then a US team member at that time. I was not worried. What I was worried was to fight him before the fight.

The only thing that members of the American team have international experience with almost every racer. It is used to overwhelm an enormous amount of stress, either from overseas travel or from fighting in an environment where strangers are chanting to be slaughtered. Foreigners really enjoy the swarm of Americans. That's exactly why I studied sports psychology books before the nationals.

The first fight was against a gentleman named Mississippi. He was the state champion. It was not my best match because it was my first match and I tried to loosen and fight at one time. However, I still won the match. In fact, I almost knocked out. The tough kid continued the fight and knew I had won for the loss, but I chose myself because I knew my hardest match was not coming yet.

The second fight was against another state champion, but since then I've forgotten the state. It's a tougher battle, and even more active is the least. Regrettably, I extended both ankles in this match by knocking the kicks. I still won the match … with a lot of room for maneuver. The new rules of Taekwondo sparring (first with respect to the 7th victory) would have ended the match in the first round and saved my ankle.

At this point I am convinced and you also need to make sure that proper independent training is effective.

While preparing to fight with Michael Tang, we were told that our match continues after lunch. Thank God! Both my ankles had to be iced and re-packed. Besides, I was in the wrong mind. All I could think was that he was a member of an American team.

I finished my ankle and went to lunch. Something very important to me, which seemed so low. If I have any chance of coming to the American team, I have to raise the number one person.

I could not poison my thoughts with the fact that others were lucky enough not to have to fight with Michael until the next round (around the coin) or after. Since my ankle is pounding, I do not expect to return to the arena and enter the ring to shoot Michael. I was hungry, hungry for victory.

When I came back to the arena, I filled my ankles again and felt great. All I thought was that the referee lifted my hand at the end of the match. We entered the ring. Michaels's teammates chanted the US, USA. The referee welcomed the center of the ring … CHUNG (blue)! HONG (red)! Michael reached out to the judges with a standby sign and said, "Good luck."

In addition to the 3 games, there are other behaviors against warriors. Respect for the ego instead. Every fighter knows that if you are in the third match of a retirement tournament, then you must be able to be respected.

I opened the match with a huge kick. It's a kick I specifically developed, especially for Michael. I never found Michael's video, but I heard someone say, somewhere, that Michael is an intelligent warrior and he loves to study his movements and accordingly opposes his attacks. Kicking kick is a powerful kick. I connect with a toe cap. This is not a nice kick, but somebody stumbles back.

I did not waste any time after the referee started off before I took off my cut. Michael stepped back a few feet from this kick. This was the first point of the game and … the outrageous adrenaline response from this fact only paralyzed. I could not attack anymore.

I fake it, I turned it around, I walked around, did everything I did, just an attack. I allowed Michael to study all the mechanical elements of my movements. When I finally attacked, it was as if Michael had always been so expectant of my technique and the counter was perfectly challenged. He immediately scored 2 points and now I'm down. [1] [19459002[MichaelJackson] now has all his cards in his favor. He does not have any pressure to attack, so he sits back and examines my movements further. My only chance is to get 2 consecutive points (unlikely at this stage) or once in the head. Michael shaken the attack I had on him, but I could not get the shotgun shot.

I did not win the national championship in the fight, but I can say that I got my American teammate for his money. In fact, I met him at the US Open one year later and called me to let me know he was still missing from the cut kick. His words said, "Your cutting was a canon!"

You can watch this fight as a member, including all the battles I bought with Michael Tang. Although I did not win the National Championship, I learned a lot about the effectiveness of a well thought-out martial arts system.

Did I find myths 1 and 2? Accept what I did! Is it possible for anyone to eliminate the myths 1 and 2? Let me decide to decide.

Source by Duncan Richardson

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