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The Thai language is the largest ethnic group in Thailand, the mother tongue of the Thai people, and speaks about 60 to 65 million people in total. The Thai language is also the official language of the Thai nation, and it exists in Thailand itself, also a Thai mother tongue, who are located in parts of Cambodia and northern Malaysia.

If you want to visit Thailand, sometimes on holiday, but especially if you want to do business for business, consider Thai language learning. Language learning allows you to enjoy and appreciate Thai culture for your vacation trips, but it is likely that the fluency of Thai as well as native conversation in their own language may be important in business matters. preference. In addition, there are no doubt Thai-born people who grew up abroad or west and who might not speak fluently in Thai if you wish – if you are such a person, you might want to consider Thai, for example, if you want to communicate better with relatives.

Thai is often seen as one of the most difficult languages ​​in learning, especially for those who do not yet know the related language. This reputation should never be prevented because there are many tools and resources that can facilitate Thai learning as before. For example, there are many computerized Thai language courses and many find it very useful.

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