Learn about Shichida and Heguru's kindergarten

I've heard that there are many brain schools in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Australia and others.

My mother, the brain brainer's interest, turned out to be, and it turned out to be helpful in strengthening family relationships and enabling my daughter's creativity.

It can also help my daughter to reach her future goals and ambitions

I was thinking about how to decide on my son's best school and want to share the knowledge he has found with other parents.

The best time to get the right brain education when your child is 4 years From months to three years when they use their right brains during the time.

Your child can handle a lot of information at amazing speed. "Shichida Method" and "Heguru" are Japan's two most successful brain schools. Below is some information found:


Available in: Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia Age: 4 months – 6 years


Available in: Japan and Malaysia Age: 4 months – 12 years

However our parents need home work, for example:

Flash Cards Mandala Eye Training Speed ​​reading ESP photographic memory Other

Both Heguru and Shichida Method schools are unable to provide And we have to buy ourselves.

If you do not have a proper brain school in your area, you can still teach your children as there is much information available on the internet.

Just do some research to find the right products online, buy them and start teaching your children.

Better Brain Education helps to grow your baby and it is best to take advantage of the first few years of your child to nurture and nourish them.

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