Ladies in Phuket, Thailand

If you arrive in Phuket, your route will surely include the famous side of Katoey or Ladies. Be prepared for the rich sensory experience and enjoyment, because it will do its best to welcome tired customers and guests or tourists. It's not just about life, but about lifestyle. Not a mere existence, but a means of preserving a lifestyle like a lady boy they would not know in their native village. They wear very striking clothes that show their abundant silicone embroidered chest as they sing and dance in their performances. Their perfect measurements and beauty make them a joy for many real women.

Men and women have listened to their routines. It is known in Malaysia as Maknyah or as a damaging expression. or & # 39; West.

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish who you are or not. Some are really beautiful. I believe that God in his enormous mercy gives them the opportunity to live in their life, which should have been given since their birth. Obviously, ladies are more like men. Transsexuals or trans-sex are those who think that a man is born in the body of a man, while a transvestite is a man who likes to dress like a woman.

In Thailand, the lady boy is less inclined than in the West. Society accepts them as a third gender and does not openly distinguish them. Many Thais have a mild nature, sports are smaller bodies than a woman and are very hairless. Breasts are easier to fix but the operation of gender change is more complicated and expensive. My heart really goes out for them because they are moving to reach the real woman. Injecting female hormones is also part of the routine.

One of the country's most famous ladies' boys is Nong Toom who became transsexual from champion Thai kick boxer. A movie, Saitree Lex, was made about the real stories of a lady's volleyball team called Iron Ladies & # 39; In 1996 he won national championships against chances.

Source by Maria Lim

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