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You may think of a tropical island in Thailand offering a limited range of dining options. But that's a myth. Today Samui has a number of mineral water restaurants offering meals from all over the world and offering exclusive Thai meals. Although most of the restaurants are located in and around Chaweng Beach, it's a mistake not to try to discover other parts as there are excellent restaurants on the island. Here is a selection of restaurants in the Samui class and you should check at least one of them during your visit – we'd be glad you did!

The Sila Evason Hideaway

Ideas on the Rocks Sila Evason's Hideaway & Spa's renowned restaurant at Rocks Restaurant has consistently been able to offer 270-degree views of the neighboring sea and distant islands. Most spreadsheets in any of the sections distributed across at least two different locations can be useful. But the most romantic area is the solar table, which is stand alone on its own deck and has a pair of pears, and is usually reserved daily. The menu is a fancy mix of Asian and Western fashions, but it does offer strange differences that are mostly referred to as "New Asian Cuisine". Follow the "Experience" 10 course dinner to get the taste of the style of the restaurant ..

Attractive Thai Chef Chom & in Tongsai Bay Cottages

This restaurant actually claims to offer "Royal Thai Cuisine" as Chom is a family member of the late Vibhavadee Rangsit Princess Chef. The homemade Thai cooking is equally delicious, featuring the "Tongsai Thai Salad Seafood" winner.

The restaurant is located on a low hill and is very spacious and spacious, both inside and outside, and typically offers superb views of the bay. Although you are in an isolated location on Choeng Mon Beach, you should visit this place at least once during your visit.

The betelnut is old enough to be Samui's tradition, providing informal, yet elegant dining in a private setting.

The procedures are supervised by expert cook Jeffrey Lord, who inventories of original and natural foods are a mix of traditional Thai, California, European and Japanese styles. Although the menu is not large, it has a wide range of flavors and properties. For zealous gastronomy, Jeffrey can make a special tasting menu if you get prior information. Few of the meals in the menu Black Wahoo by Samui Salsa and the so called Buddha jumped on the wall.

Delicious Organic Zazen Restaurant at Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa

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