Koh Phangan – Thailand

Three-hour cruise from the mainland, Koh Phangan is the last untouched island that has remained in any significant size in Thailand. It differs from its sister Koh Samui in many ways. Where Koh Samui is swollen and rebuilt, Koh Phangan is retreated to the landscape. Large real estate developers have yet to begin exploiting the tropical paradise, most of the developments are limited to discreet resorts.

Koh Phangan is still popular destinations and cheap travelers who are famous for the Full Moon Party. the island as one of the highlights of the road to Thailand. The party at the southern end of the island is located in Haad Rin, a hedonistic town with winding alleyways, bars, restaurants and gift shops, bungalow resorts for every pocket and above all the fascinating Haad Rin Nok beach. During the entire moon, Haad Rin is full of entertainers, and advanced resignation is recommended if you want to stay on the island during this period of the month.

Haad Rising north to move to the next encounter Ban Tai, home to both the Half Moon Party and the Shiva Moon Party both major events themselves. Ban Tai is also there where he finds a "horny mile" on a stretch of nearly a mile long inhabited by a lady though on every side. These bands are much more relaxed than their Bangladeshi or Pattaya colleagues and seem to be a favorite for middle-aged tourists coming to Koh Phangan. just a true city on the island, a vibrant blend of Thai shops, western bars and restaurants along with the traditional food market every turn. At night, the main marketplace will be an open-air restaurant organized by a dozen street vendors who set up and trade tables. One of Koh Phangan's best foods is here after the day. Thongsala also includes the main ferry port to the island and provides natural passage to the mainland.

If you leave behind Thongsala and go north, you notice a drastic change in the pace of life, things are quieter here, only casual houses have been built and small settlements are local stores. The villages of Wok Tum and Hing Kong are especially lazy; both are wonderful places for a person looking for longer stays on the island.

On the seafront, there are further Haad Yao and Haad Salad, both excellent diving areas, and even north of Mae Haad and Koh Ma's small island, you will find easy navigation on Koh Phangan Beach. This is the premier snorkeling site on the island, which only the divers see.

Koh Phangan is located on the northern tip of Chaloklam, a cuttlefish fishing village with a beautiful beach. The seafood here are exceptional, every day from the sea. At night, you can see the dozens of boats of the navy that land water in this area and watch them discard their catch and dry out in the sun while having breakfast at the seaside restaurant.

Located on the western side of the island, Tong Nai Pan, originally a hidden backpack community, is the site of the largest development in Koh Phangan. Luxury resorts cater to sun worshipers who agree that the western beach is the most beautiful on the island.

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