Koh Lanta, Thailand

We are traveling in southern Thailand, close to the Malaysian border, away from the masses to absorb Thailand somewhere on a quieter island of Lanta.

The resort of Pimalai, on the island of Lanta Yai, is a paradise for the Andaman Sea, where luxury boutique hotels go with the gourmet dining and summer. In this art gallery, where the ceramics are more focused on the Asian art museum, the visitor has lemon balm infusion ice water.

1st Accommodation

Located in the middle of the jungle, the complex is perfectly suited to the natural beauty of the island. This boutique hotel offers tastefully furnished suites and pool villas. great sea view.

We have tried two types of rooms:

Pool Villa, built on a hillside area of ​​204 nm. Spacious, elegant Thai architectural design with wide views of Ba Kan Tiang Bay and the surrounding lush tropical forests. The private infinity pool and sun terrace with luxury baldaquin can be used to read luxury Southeast Asian travel guides.

The deluxe room overlooking the bay is located on a small hill, 7-8 meters from the beach. The waves sounded at the front of the bed every day, ready to walk and swim and smile. The first picture in the morning, when he woke up, was the sea. It was an incredible feeling for someone who always dreamed of living by the sea!

The UK Sunday Times magazine contained only one Thai beach, Kan Tiang, on the list of the top 10 beaches in the world. The resort of Pimalai has also been awarded the prize of luxury resorts. rewarding the best stage environment. The award was the world's best picturesque environment! You have not traveled to the world to check, but I can only say that this landscape is a breathtaking, WOW factor! In this place I have set the expectations and standards very high! Let's see what other place this landscape can beat! … Just kidding! In fact, every place is so different, and especially in Asia you really can't compare a place with another, each with its own magic! And they really cast a spell on you!

Dining 2

Eight fantastic restaurants and bars (excellent season) and 3 off-season excellent choices, from the beach to the casual dining experience, each with an unforgettable view of the beach. sea. In every restaurant we have found cheap and very well-chosen wines.

The "Seven Seas" restaurant boasts an infinity pool and offers a sunny panorama to the bay and the surrounding mountains.

"Under the Banyan Tree" is a Thai restaurant with traditional Thai cuisine, such as Tom Yam goong, Morning Glory, Goong makam, Som Tam, crispy kaffir sea bass. lime leaves, lemon balm and herbs, Thai spicy sauce.

My favorite place to dine with sand between the toes, watching the bruise of the waves, at Rak Talay's seaside restaurant. The restaurant is named after the surrounding plant. This is a very original design that complements the seaside charm. Perfectly prepared, perfectly prepared food, a glass of Louis Roederer, Andaman's sight and love of my life. Idyllic landscape.

The service is always friendly and efficient but never intrusive. Attention to detail is shocking. Regarding the service and dinner experience, traditional Thai hospitality is touched by French sophistication, such as sophisticated cutlery, a large wine list, as GM is a French island that has been accepted for the past 13 years.

For those who want to explore the bay, there are some nice places along the coast. My favorite is the same as the difference, this essential Robinson Crusoe style restaurant is a 10-minute walk from the beach.

3. Feeling the Island

Feel the Nature
The Banyan Tree is the centerpiece of the center and is actually older. We were sitting on top of the mountain under the Banyan Tree, the most beautiful sight of the bay. Buddhist believers consider Banyan wood a sacred tree. The banyan tree is the tree where the founder of Buddhism has achieved great awakening. It is related to consciousness or intelligence. This refers to the condition when a person suddenly wakes up or reaches a high level of recognition of truth or understanding of the world. It seems to symbolize eternal life perfectly because of its seemingly endless expansion.

4. Activities

4.1 Jumping on the Island

When it was here, you can choose the island and Emerald Cave excursions, snorkeling trips, world-class dive sites, coral reefs, hiking in Ba Kan Tiang Bay Lanta in Maritime National Park, mangrove eco-tour, elephant migration or visit Old Lanta Town. These are experiences that determine the highest resort.
On the island trip we visited the Emerald Bay.

Suddenly, a hole in the rock, after a 100 m swimming in a dark cave, led only by the flashlight of the guide, we reached this hidden beach. Visiting the eastern islands, Koh Talabengen went.

4.2 Sport

Maybe it was my state of mind, but I can't imagine that I ever had a better yoga experience than at dawn, with a sea view, surrounded by palm and rubber trees and many exotic flowers .
4.3 Cooking classes

Thai food – Thai food is the finest food in the world and can be easily prepared. Our cooking teacher was a very beautiful girl from Chiang Mai. In fact, the best Thai cooking classes are in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Even if you do not plan to cook at home, you can spend at least one day eating food. We had a cooking class and learned to cook a 4-course meal: spicy green papaya salad, green curry chicken, red rich curry, sea bass fillet and grilled spicy beef salad. We bought 7 pounds of vegetables and cooked Thai food next week

4.4 Spa and massage

The spa is located in the village style, in the middle. the natural beauty of the jungle, the oasis of tranquility. You can choose from a variety of treatments. The traditional Thai massage was an old method of harmonizing and balancing the energies of the body from the time of the Buddha. The technique used is the use of palm pressure on body pressure points and "Sen" energy lines, as well as numerous stretching movements. After that, he was spiritually and physically refreshed, strengthened and rejuvenated. It is invigorating and completely relaxing at the same time as the body gets rid of all the pain.
As we reached the day of our departure from this wonderful southern coast, I find myself in the memories like the photographs.

The whole article, photos can be found at http://satorijournal.com/koh-lanta/

Source by Roxana Manolescu

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