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Kodaikanal is a picture of tranquility and beauty. It is one of Tamil Nadu's few hills. Kodaikanal is located in the western Ghats, in the middle of the Palani Mountains in Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal is a valuable place for the Indian subcontinent tourist. This place is located 120 km from Madurai in southern India. It's a strange, untouched little hilltop. It is said in Tamil that this is the gift of the forest. Here the air is romantic and dreamy. The story of Kodaikanal says that in 1845 it was created by American missionaries.

Kodaikanal is a paradise for travelers that, thanks to their location, means all their charms and charisma. It is located 2133 meters above sea level. The best way to take advantage of the time is to roam around the area and understand the landscape, or even facilities such as boating, cycling, pony riding, fishing and golf.

Any visitor interested in visiting the Kodaikanal can reach the place

Air: The nearest airport is in Madurai, 135 km, and Coimbatore is 170 km and Trichy is 195 km to Kodaikanal.

Railway: Many passengers can take a train that crosses Kodaikanal. The Kodairad station is approx. It is 80 km from Kodaikanal.

Way: Kodaikanal connects to all important cities. Regular bus services are available from Kodaikanal to the cities of Madurai, Palani, Kodai Road, Theni, Dindigul, Thiruchirappalli, Kumuli, Bangalore and Coimbatore.

Despite having a number of tourist attractions but some major tourist attractions

Lake Berijam

This Lake 21 km from Tamás Nadu Kodaikanal. South India is one of the most beautiful lakes. This lake is star-shaped and famous for its clean and clean water. It also delivers drinking water to Periyakulam. Famous for its beautiful views and a popular picnic spot.

Kodaikanal Trekking

For the small hiking, the Palani Mountains must move toward the Kodaikanal.

Dolphin Nose

This place is 8 km from Lake Berijam. This is a flat projection rock with a breathtaking view of the expanding gorge below.

The perimeter peak

is about 11 km from Kodaikanal. This place is a trekker joy.

Kukal Cave

40 km from Kodaikanal. This is a favorite campsite for trekkers.

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