Keeping the New Years Health & Fitness Solutions in 2007

Yes, this is the time when most people choose to change their lives. They are usually related to our health. Stop smoking, start training, lose body fat, have a healthier meal, and more. According to the GNC study, 55% promised to eat healthier, 50% determined to exercise more and 38% want to lose weight.

This is probably the worst time to change your life. One is extremely ineffective and there are very few people who actually insist on it! Only 20% of us really insist on our new promises. Most of the new year's resolutions are the same every year, and are getting faded in February.

Do not let the statistics determine success. Here are some internal tips that will help you get 20% and ensure that your solutions remain tactful and effective. You will never need to make new year decisions.

Develop a Support System

Tell your friends and family about your armor and how to reach them. Better still, set up common goals with your friends and work together. Ask them to follow you from time to time to make sure they are at the top of things.

Do not make the regime available

Do not try to defeat Rome in a day. Every purpose must be realistic and feasible. Give yourself the best chance of achieving them. Do not plan marathon until March. It is intended to take part in a 10-km walk or a fun-filled entertaining event. There are plenty of small events in Bangkok.

Creating a Plan

If you do not plan, you plan to fail. As a business is just as successful as its business plan, lifestyle works on the same principles. Describe specific dates for achieving your goals

Break it Down

If your goal is to lose 5kg, write step by step how to achieve this. If you've been trying to do this before, write down the barriers you've experienced that have prevented you from reaching them. Then they must be minimized. If work is one of the reasons why you can go to the gym, take a walk in the lunchtime or talk to your superiors or the HR department to present workplace health and fitness initiatives


We all know that diets do not work. Changing dietary habits is not a diet. Eat lightly. Eat 4-5 less meals the day before. Lots of vegetables, protein and minimum carbohydrates. Do not stop them,

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself with gifts, holidays and weekends, spa packages, massages or go shopping. Do not eat food as a reward. You can also set financial benefits for yourself. Set aside some money daily or weekly to enter the gym for xx or eat your five planned meals for the day. when you eat it. They take the duration of the exercise and, if possible, all the energy costs (calories). When things are not planned, you can review the journal and modify it accordingly.

Professional Assistance

Occupy with professional service. Find a personal trainer or fitness trainer who can find the most appropriate exercise and nutrition program you can enjoy and insist. They help you stay on track and help you work hard.

Make sure your 2006 New Year's Decisions are not listed on the list in 2007!

Source by Daniel Remon

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