Julius Caesar and Caligula – The Two Roman Emperors

In ancient Rome there were rulers who had ultimate power over the Empire and its people. While Rome had more rulers, there were some who did not really rule. Good example is Julius Caesar. But his story was completely different from Caligula. During Caesar, the empire was hit by several civil wars. Everyone wanted to be an Emperor, but eventually Caesar, who rose to the throne because he was the magicians of the battlefield. His opponents, however, were not comfortable with the power of Caesar, since he was fully governed and operated by the empire. That was the reason why he was murdered. During Caesar's reign, his full power lies not only in Rome, but also in people. People were not accustomed to Caesar's dictatorship as they used to live in a republic. The monarch's purpose was to return to the day of tyranny triggered by the monarchy. When Caesar died, he brought a golden era to Rome when Augustus ascended the throne. Caligula raised similar questions as Caesar. He reigned for 4 years, but his rule was characterized by tyranny and the popularity of his people. Caligular was born Caius Julius Caesar Germanicus of Germanicus and Agrippina. His father, Germanicus, was a senior soldier in the Roman army, and when Caligula was just four years old, he died.

It's very strange, but Caligula's life is very much like Julius Caesaré, Romulus and Remus, Rome's founders. Romulus was responsible for killing his brother, Remus, after leaving the latter outside of Rome.

Caligula was a co-organizer named Tiberius Gellimus. He was appointed by Tiberius. Caligular, however, assassinated Tiberius Gellimus to become Rome's sole ruler. When Caligular ascended the throne, some believed that he was crazy, while others said he was not healthy enough to rule. All this was because Caligula made a number of outrageous decisions, such as spending a lot of money on unnecessary projects. Finally, the Romans sigh in relief in 41 when Caligula was murdered for 4 years after the Emperor.

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