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During the holiday, we all want to relax and relax to forget our stressful life, and that's a good thing. This is not just a good thing for you, but it is a good thing for anyone who wants to use it and possibly relieve you of your valuables.

As a traveler, whether you go to Disney World or Thailand, you need to be aware of the environment. Whatever tourist destination you can find, there are people waiting for you to take advantage of your calm state during their work. Do not accept the safety of resorts as such.

As with any destination to any destination in the world, you must be aware of the environment, especially in tourist areas where you may be stuck with a bad element. I covered the basic rules in five rules that I was not a foolish tourist. In Thailand, the real dangers are not what you expect. Thailand, like any other place in the world, has a fair share of crime and fraud. While watching for valuables and personal safety, it is easy to ignore certain aspects of the journey that you can take for granted. These aspects of travel alone can lead to very early death.

Streets, crowded clubs and road accidents live more lives every year in Thailand than any other activity, including crime. Just a few days ago, over 226 road deaths occurred in Thailand and a club fire in Santika Pub, which provided 86 people with hospital care and 59 deaths. Of the 59 deaths within the club, 21 were foreigners.

Night clubs are the first piece of the trifecta of consciousness. Some clubs can be quite large and can pack people, if this is the case, you should really walk in the club and see. Make sure you know where the exits are, and if possible, make sure they are not locked. Last year, a Pattaya club fired with fire just before the opening, which killed many staff. The fire brigade found it to be an electric fire and found chains closed at the secondary exits to allow people to enter freely. This New Year's Eve fired a fire at Santika's pub caused by fireworks lit inside the ceiling for acoustic treatment of the ceiling.

Small clubs deserve the same attention as they are usually dark and hidden. Many fires that happen in Thailand are electric. In most of these places electricity is the best, in the worst case it is a criminal. Club fires are not an everyday event in Thailand, but they happen and usually happen when they happen. Go to the clubs and enjoy the great time if that is the case. Just be safe and take advantage of the places you find yourself.

Driving in Thailand

Like any other travel destination in the world, you can rent cars, trucks and motorcycles in Thailand. The best tip I can give NE . Anyone I ever met in Thailand from abroad for a two-week rest in Thailand was an accident. It's not about taking part in an accident, but when.

Some were smaller, but others required surgery and long hospital stays. Last year, a Thai woman who stepped home from work at night in Pattaya, riding a motorcycle, took a 6-meter deep and 4-meter wide ride. The entrepreneur working on the road didn't think it would be a barricade.

Sometimes accidents are related to bad road conditions, but road accidents are more common in Thailand, from rural areas to big cities to bad driving. Motorcycles go as fast as they can, in traffic and traffic, and cars are passionate about their place. My Second Trip In Thailand, I saw two motorcycle accidents in one night. The first accident was cut by a motorcycle taxi next to a bastion, which decided to drive right. The second accident was a motorcycle that had fallen back to the back of a Mercedes at high speed. My last trip, when I returned from Mukdahan to the Pattaya bus station, we left a motorcycle that was torn apart on the road, an obvious dead rider 100 meters away.

With one taxi from the airport to Pattaya, I couldn't decide which lane he wanted to drive, so he decided to divide the distance and the lanes and cars by half a kilometer. I think the villain who screams at the back of the transmitter has defended him so he stopped.

Traffic in Bangkok is so bad that it is not unusual for a motorcycle taxi to jump to the curb and go to the sidewalk. Driving is a sport in Thailand and a blood sport. A bad Asian leader may be a stereotype, but when it comes to Thai leaders, there is more truth than fiction.

If this does not break the re-examination of leadership, then in the Kingdom, examine the following two articles:

In 1999, GD Jacobs and Amy Aeron-Thomas made a study: GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL FATALITIES OVERVIEW. It has abolished road farms in regions where Asia has contracted 44% of total road deaths worldwide. Not surprisingly, Thailand is on the road to road accidents for some time worldwide. In 2004, an estimated 10,000 accidents per 10,000 drivers occurred in Thailand, while in Europe there were only 1.8 accidents per 10,000 drivers.

A study by Pichai TANEERANANON and Opas SOMCHAINUEK of Thai bus accidents, the position of BUS CRASH in Thailand: case studies. The number of buses collapsing and deaths in Thailand is staggering every year.

If you only need to drive in Thailand, make sure you have an international driving license or a Thai driving license and insurance. If you take part randomly, you will probably be considered to be wrong, and even if not, they will pay.

Public transport is an alternative and will be largely okay. The motorcycle taxi bought the country and used a taxi. There was no problem yet, but I know the odds are against me. If drivers sometimes do 12-16 hours of work, it is difficult to know what kind of journey they will get. As Elvis Costello would say "accidents will happen", but if you keep your wisdom and are aware of your environment, you have a good chance of avoiding being together.

Walking on the Streets of Thailand

I was walking through myself on the streets of Bangkok at four o'clock in the morning, and I never feared my personal safety, although I was very aware of the environment. I can't say the same on the streets of Thailand. Pedestrians are roughly the target, and pedestrians at the intersections are pedestrians.

Trust me that drivers will not slow down on the road if anything is kept on the horn to remind you of the impending death if you should travel. Add bad lighting, alcohol or both on both sides of this equation and have a recipe for disaster.

While Bangkok has many footpaths, the same cannot be said of other popular destinations such as Pattaya, where Route 2 is much like the frog of the old video game. There is a very long section without traffic signs on Pattaya Road 2 and along the coastal road, and at night the lighting is sketchy in just a few places.

Pedestrian accidents were investigated in Kohn Kaen, with a population of 150,000 in 2002. In 2000, more than 4,400 pedestrians were injured or killed in Thailand, with an estimated 65,000 traffic injuries and deaths. Kohn Kaen study on the accident and investigation of dangerous conditions for pedestrians.

When crossing any of the streets of Thailand, take your time and judge the distances and speeds of the cars as best as possible, even if the streets are low traffic because they are hit too late and some accidents are due to me and # 39. I saw maybe not many people left to identify.

As always, no matter where you are in the world, make sure you are aware of the environment and always have control over yourself and be well.

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