January Jumble


In the first month of the year,

A perfect opportunity to get started again,

Changing energies and abandoning old moods,

New Beginnings, New Attitudes "

Charmaine J Forde

It's officially a brand new year and for me it means I'm staring at the long way in front of me and wonder how I'm going to organize and make more sense this year in the world? The most convenient way to go into this scary but exciting headache is to remember that there is nothing better than mine and to give it to those who do not. On the surface during the holidays, I took care of these things, and quite frankly, I do it all year, but just something refreshing, renewing and renewing, which is about a clean sweep beginning at the beginning of a new year.

This year I came up with my "top 5" list every month of the year. I'm not a fan if I deal too much in a short time. My reason is simple, everything I get my hand needs devotion, time and care to think and think thoughtfully and lovingly, and be honest, have a memory of it, and I want to allow improvised dropout. I know that the travel bar leaves time, and a small top 5 list is likely to take place for at least a week or two, depending on where I travel. I give you wholeheartedly that I get completely on my list because the other thing I know for sure is that an action, a thought, a intention leads to completely different, and before I know I have a second first five lists and maybe a third . All this depends on what is happening along the way and how my creativity thrives.

This year I'm focusing on organizing, arranging and storing vacation decorations, gifts, cards and winter equipment. That's how my thought process developed …

My daughter accepted the task of celebrating every day of the household decorating every day, but especially the end of the year when things are very crazy and we go to one of the festivities to the other. The boxes are nicely assembled in a corner to provide easy access and the decorations change almost daily when you go to the shop to buy something new (ugh).

As soon as the celebration is over, I'm ready for cleaning, but I do not start thinking about how I'm going to handle cleaning when I get all the clear permissions from it. It is too sad for her job to attend the cleaning, so I am happy to do this and I take this task myself. During the cleaning, I list what we will need next year if something is broken or overwhelmed by recognition or if I have seen something that is too good to get to the next time. Then I create new ways to wrap all the decorations in order not to get too many boxes back into the attic. This is the challenge and fun to merge the puzzle.

So when I thought about moving the scenes this year, I also noticed that some of the holiday gifts are still piled in a corner so I thought the ornaments were all set and placed next year, what will I do with all the gifts that need to go through and be released? I am absolutely supportive of the donation, be it food, time, clothing, or services, so I knew that the donor station would open at home for more than a few hours. Everyone needs help to make decisions.

Are you ready for the list? Here we go:

Set up a recycling and donor station that is accessible to anyone to contribute to this specific project at any time, or even set up on deposits throughout the year. , label and put on holiday decorations and carefully and carefully wrap these ornaments for easy access to the next year

Empty gift boxes and cardboard boxes should be shaken and shuffled tightly with recycling for the purpose. There are some coils of colored vinyl tape in the garage, so I use this wrap. My recycling company in my area takes garbage every week to make life easier, and guys appreciate the only package, so it's a win / win.

Recycling Christmas trees and wreaths. I would check that there is a specific date and time in the city for recycling, or perhaps your farmer will charge you a small fee or find a local recycling company in your area, such as debris such as trees, shrubs, and so on. A city was close to me throughout the month of January for residents to get some guidance from the tree for tracking and setting time. Knowing that wood gets a second chance to make good use of the ground is a great way to return the land.

Save your front cover of greeting cards and use projects year-round labeled boxes for things such as sent pictures that can be framed or words that can be decorated for a collage or a gift tag for next year. Another idea is to donate the front of the cards you do not want to keep.

Sort your gift cards, redeemable items, broken or damaged items or gifts that you may think of re-offering, repairing those that are broken or gift cards or redeemable objects donated to a shelter or places such as Ronald McDonald's House.

This is where I go through these "stuff" souvenirs to see what needs to be kept and what can gain a new life for someone. So I decided to wear a winter dress this month. Please consider gently used or new winter equipment, such as blankets, sports equipment, boots, gloves, scarves, hats, coats, shovels, scarves, sweaters, flannels, electric blankets, cushions or rubbers and creams, hand warmers, socks, knees hi stockings, scarves, jeans, etc.

Last thought: If you find that you want to declare your chambers this year every year and give it to food banks all year long, only during Thanksgiving, this month will be a long time to check the batteries you could have bought a bit too much like soup, canned, noodles, cereals, anything boxed or canned to be a hot meal. that my top 5 lists have become my top 8 list and I have not raised my finger to get to the cleaner. Sheesh!

I hope this was useful to you and I most hope you entertain it. Allow your imagination and creativity to flourish and grow on the list. If it's easier for you, save the new list in February when I list a brand new five best ideas. If you are really ambitious, you just remember that January feels like the longest month of the year, so you can continue and treat your emerging ideas as they happen. Good luck, and we meet here in February.

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Happy Birthday!

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