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Italy is a warm vacation spot and there is so much to see that you are quite overwhelmed during your vacation planning. Everyone feels compelled by the big three, Venice, Florence and Rome. These are incredible cities where there are many great attractions and famous objects (art, architecture, etc.) to see. Here are some travel information in Italy to help you plan a better trip.

It's a simple fact that you do not see anything on a single vacation, and the trouble will be very stressful, robbing the planned fun and excitement. Thousands of years of history in Italy (about 5000 years of civilized history more accurate) makes it impossible to absorb a few days, weeks or months. You have to decide what you want to see and build around the trip, do not try to see everything. I would like you to think that a better way to make Italy less stressful, less cost and enjoyable. How? Plan your trip and go out of the main cities and the less tense mountainous areas and the reinforced villages.

Tell us you're planning an excursion to Florence. Determine the first three to five sites you want to see and give yourself two or three days to view them. Once that is done, create a map of the region and see the many incredible locations within Florence within a few hours. Large secondary venues include Pisa (worth at least half a day), Lucca (worth at least half a day), and Montecatinni (open markets, large parks and an ancient mountain town overlooking the city). In the south of Florence there are well-known sites such as Siena (it is worth spending a full day), San Gimingano (here to escape the masses), and Volterra (worth at least half a day and one of the most interesting Tuscan mountain towns).

By taking daily excursions to one or two other cities in the planned excursions in Florence, you will be able to experience an intimate in Italy. Enjoy a walk along the curtain wall around Lucca (the wall is now a park and a trail) and then simmer in the tower, the basilica and even more white marble than you've ever seen in one place. Another day you can walk to the narrow medieval streets of Siena, then head to Volterra, explore the Etruscans, the Romans, and the typical architecture of a typical mountain town.

Each city is rich in history and traditions, and gives you a sense of self-confidence in the countryside and small town of Italy. All three great dozens of great secondary locations are all worth a visit, so the planned excursions are as light and fun as described above.

Relax and be in sync with the slower countryside in Italy, wander through countless shops and cafes and watch beautiful sunsets or sunrises. Traveling in Italy should be fun, relaxing and a lifetime trip. Italy's true beauty is that there are more of these "travels for a lifetime" and you never see the same places twice (unless you want, i know it's there).


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