Israel Travel Holidays: Galilean Aquatic Adventures

A dozen years ago, a friend of mine had a typical holiday in Israel. One of the most memorable moments of the trip was the visit of Banias, the beginning of the Jordan River in Northern Israel, Mount Hermon.

It was not the whole geography that simply stopped on this tour to Israel. No, it was the fact that they actually drink water. It's a city girl from the States; he protested that you can not just water the water as it opens from the hillside. And you know what else you can do? Cycling, kayaking or boating. Then I knew my friend was not able to live on the Jordan River like drinking.

A good starting point is Kfar Blum, an upright, centrally located in the upper Galilee. There are numerous kayaking and rafting companies that can comfortably go on the river or faster rafting.

Some rafting companies are located in the eastern sea of ​​Galilee, also known as Kinneret; and the only freshwater lake in the whole country. Here you can find delicious St. Peters Fish, but this is a completely different blog, right?

Back to rafting before I catch her. With regard to the tracks, the "short track" runs slower and takes approximately one and a half hours. This is a great way to travel with younger people in the family, as this is not so unpleasant for traveling. There are a lot of worse places to spend 90 minutes, though nothing I mean in Israel. The "long bar" is almost twice the shorter distance; and there is much more action for those who are looking for more "falls", but they should not overdo those who have a pretty good shape. "Class IV: Rapids do not, but whatever this adventure in the family can be enjoyed, everyone will be victorious in any way of his journey.

What's more rafting in Galilee is how it refreshes water in Israeli summer It's cool to be able to keep the food, it's cool. Ah, who needs modern comfort like a refrigerator? You will be able to keep fresh food in the refrigerator rafting / camping in this way

In North Israel, camping is a must for adventure seekers and not just rafting This whole region offers everything from zip lining to climbing the rope bridge And not a completely different blog about which I can write …

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