Investing in Real Estate Condominiums in Pattaya, Thailand

Why do people buy property in Pattaya Thailand?

Sun, sea, golden beaches, low cost and the variety of legendary entertainment make Pattaya and Jomtien resorts in Thailand irresistible for holidaymakers.

Thousands of tourists from every corner of the world visit Thailand's resorts of Pattaya and Jomtien for many reasons. Most come first for a holiday but once they discover the lifestyle available here, for a fraction of the price of the western world, many return year after year. Some like in search of overseas holiday homes and condos, some to relocate permanently or retire to Thailand in a level of luxury that could only be dreamed of in their own countries.

The result of this influx of people and western wealth, has created a boom in real estate property developments. This has resulted in high demand for quality condominiums and modern Thai style villas and villas.

The growth in demand has seen a steady rise in prices and some amazing investment returns especially on apartments in condominium developments. Off plan buyers and investors have made in some cases, up to 26% return on their investment. Matrix Real Estate Developments has been at the forefront of this boom and has been developing a range of well priced high quality condos to meet a wide range of requirements.

The growing values ​​of condominiums are mainly attributed to property ownership laws in Thailand that make it easier for non-Thai nationals to own condos rather than houses and land. Foreign buyers can be sole owners of a condominium, so the demand has created a buoyant market that even during the current difficult worlds economic climate, continues to move in an ever-increasing upward direction.

The narrow strip of land in Thailand that stretches from Bangkok to Rayong encompassing Pattaya and Jomtien, is known as the 'Eastern Seaboard'. Situated on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand this area has become a hub of activity for the major sea ports and the oil industry, hence creating a huge amount of commercial activity. This has drawn Thai and International business to the area, driving up the demand for high quality accommodation, and subsequently fueling the property development and real estate prices.

Income from Thailand's service industries forms a large part of Thailand's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Given that the service industries can not exist without a fast growing and well-developed infrastructure, it is a natural conclusion that real estate prices will continue to grow.

Pattaya Thailand has everything to offer the tourist and expat resident with growing investment opportunities in the condo market. Pattaya Property Market Benefits

You can buy a new condo (flat / apartment) in your own name.

As your property appreciates in value, you can make a substantial profit when you sell without paying a ransom in taxes. There is no Capital Gains Tax in Thailand!

Investments in Thailand are appreciating very fast. It is a small country so space and time are limited.

Thailand has a fast upwardly moving economy of over $ 130 billion, producing profits of $ 13 billion each year. Pattaya City

Pattaya City

One of Thailand's most favored destinations is Pattaya City located on the Eastern Seaboard. With the newly upgraded multi-lane highways and skyways whisking you from Bangkok to Pattaya, your journey takes only 1 hour. The narrow strip of land from Bangkok to Rayong that encompasses Pattaya and Jomtien is the hub of all commercial activity; This is where the service industries operate so there is a large scope for prices to appreciate.

Pattaya, the Jewel in the Crown of Tourism in South East Asia, has developed over the past 40 years from a sleepy fishing village into an ever-changing,

In recent years, Pattaya has become renowned for its family-oriented holiday and residential life style.

World Class Golf Courses

Ocean Marina with exclusive private moorings for luxury yachts and cruisers

Horseshoe Point, the largest specially developed equestrian center in Asia with 8 undercover riding rings

Underwater World where you

Shopping to suit all pockets is available in Pattaya with a myriad of highly exclusive brand name stores,

Golden coral sand beach framed this tropical para dise, with the warm South China Sea gently lapping at your toes.


] Power boating


World class restaurants, bistros and cafes abound, with an almost endless variety of menus to suit everyone's budget and taste

life that can be accessed by all includes;

Pattaya also has medical facilities that are the world's most envy of the world.

Do not miss out on the great opportunities that Pattaya has to offer

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