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Finding a scholarship is only in the first half of the process. You must then sign up for the scholarship you want to win. Many organizations provide international travel subsidies that help to help save money. The Crisis Reporting Pulitzer Center provides travel support to cover the hard costs of international travel.

Ideal projects that provide travel support, printing, photography, radio and video. This organization finances international travel subsidies related to project thematic reports with particular emphasis on issues that have not been reported or underestimated in major US media.

The amount of travel subsidy you can receive depends on the project. Amounts of funding ranging from $ 2000 to $ 10,000. Depending on the specific project, you can have up to $ 20,000.

After the project is approved, half the amount of support will usually be paid before the trip and the remaining amount will be paid after the primary material for publication or broadcast has been submitted. Support is granted to journalists, writers, photographers, radio producers or filmmakers, and sometimes even freelance people of any nationality are eligible for support.

To claim support, you must first be online. If you have prepared a printed copy of the proposal, you will still have to send them electronically, otherwise the proposal has not been considered. The applicant must be familiar with the English language and the application must be written in English.

The proposed project must be written, including the distribution plan in the body of the leaf and approx. Must be 250 words. A preliminary budget is estimated, which includes a basic breakdown of costs. Travel subsidies cover all the hard costs involved in reporting.

The applicable reference patterns should be shown in the work when available on the Internet. The applicant must attach three professional references. These links may include contact information or referral letters. Letters are an incentive for interested manufacturers or editors.

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