Interesting Facts About Jade

When jade is found, stones, rocks and even rocks inside are incorporated and the value is not visible, just guessed, and indeed does not contain jade. One of the ways of knowing that knife is hit by a hammer or hammer, as a jade stone throws the hammer back. After making sure that jade is really a small window into the stone, and from this expert traders estimate or even guess in value and quality. They do not always get it right. A Burmese taxi driver bought a jade stone for $ 23. For a US $ 5,000 sold to a merchant who sold it for $ 23,000. Once the stone is cut and the jade is engraved into the largest artifacts, smaller pieces are used for beads and rings, and even the smallest pieces are grounded and combined with other ingredients to produce building materials that promote calm and peaceful surroundings where they live or To work

Today Myanmar (Burma) is the largest exporter of jade, some exports from Guatemala, New Zealand, Australia and growing trade from Canada. Although jada is most often linked to China, supply is mostly exhausted and there is little or no record, most of the time it is not possible to tell where a jade comes from.

The biggest jade spark I ever found in Myanmar, estimated to be 3,000 tons, was buried underground forty feet and measured twenty meters five meters to ten meters. There are many claims about the greatest jade painting. In Beijing, a twenty foot long car was carved. In Anshan Temple, China, a Buddha is 8 feet high, weighing 260 tons. It had eighteen months and 120 statues, and it is located in a 33-meter-high temple building that represents 33 ceilings of Buddhism. They found a piece of gemstone high quality gypsum in Canada, which was engraved on a 4-ton, 7-meter high Buddha. It is currently in Florida, it is a sign of peace and appears in the world before you live in Australia.

Because of Jade's strength, both neprite Jade and Jadeite are the most complex and most beautiful designs, depicting country scenes, dragons, horseshoes, beautiful rings, earrings, or necklaces. An estimated age of 141 to 570 million is estimated to increase rapidly. Asian dealers use a massive repurchase system that offers a very aggressive bid in auction rooms around the world. At Sotheby's Hong Kong Auction House, he has recently received a white jade seal for $ 6.4 million for $ 12.29 million. A small green jade elephant, sitting for almost seventy years in a bank ward, worth 150,000 pounds, sold in a small English auction house for £ 4.2 million.

What other gems do you have with such a mystic? What other gem can be carved in such a big object and such a small object. Artistic emotions, recognition of investments and health benefits are valued, giving the wearer peace and peace. What other gemstones can hold their value incorrectly? Some imperfect jade is more valuable. Jade, a little heaven by the gods to humanity.

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