Indian Tourism – Bane or Boon?

Since the boom in India, local environmental groups have spoken out about the threat of a rapidly growing tourism sector for the country's legacy and its environment. Bane

This raises the question of who damages the country's legacy and environment in reality, locals or tourists?

Tourists who ruin the country's legacy and environmental regulations? Or we really have to endorse our own insensitive citizens and their officials who do not give any enthusiasm about the heritage or the environment – if that means they can make more money!

Tourists move, discover, shop, and then go back; They do not hunt, they are not threatened, they do not pollute the rivers, they do not use the land, or they do not seize the country's environmental regulations – in fact, there are more fun things in the land on a limited time.

Rarely, a tour guide inherits the building, usually the local graffiti of Mannno "Raju likes Meena", which is visible on the structures and not "Jim loves Jenny"

] ] Fact 1: Tourism is India's largest industry; It brings about 15% of foreign exchange earnings; It occupies 9% of our population; Significantly contributes to GDP, as several surveys indicate – in short, this is a benefit to India.

Fact 2: Tourism offers global exposure; New perspectives and new trade routes.

Fact 3: Revolutionary tourism practices introduced by the World Travel and Tourism Council and other similar institutions promote geographic and ecotourism practices and environmental diversity. All you have to do is make sure that we and our officials respect and follow these practices. India – Incredible India

India India Many cultures and tourism have increased recognition and understanding of the cultural melting pot: the passions, colors and spices that make India unique. Tourism creates a bridge of tolerance and acceptance: species, ethnic groups, nationalities and beliefs that promote peace and prosperity – and not the destruction of ecology.

Prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness are deadly and many of our people need these accounts seriously. The broad, healthy, charitable views of men and things can not be liked by planting a small corner of the earth Live. "

Source by Sitwat Khalid

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