India Travel Tips – How to Eat a Banana Safely

First, for Indian travelers, eating can be one of the main sources of fear.

"Can I get Delhi's stomach?"

The answer is loud, "Probably!" But do not let it travel in the world's most magical country.

All right, back to banana. Here's how to eat a banana in India. Hold the stalk with one hand while gently cuts to the other … so far is like a home at home. But here is the important part – you have to make sure that if you touched the outside of the banana, do not touch the part you will be eating.

Why? What could hurt you, not banana itself, but germs every little water drop etc. Outside the banana. So, with all the shredded fruits, make sure it never touches the look and then the outfit – it's a bit complicated with the oranges, but it's there.

For the same reason, you can not accept salads in restaurants or the free glass of water you give to food. Salad would be great, but washed water wants you dead. In some restaurants that are particularly troublesome for foreigners, they can tell you they have "filter water" that is good for you, so this is not a rule, but the management of the environment – if it's a five-star hotel, Igazad, That you can eat anything, as it can be eaten for aliens, but if you are standing on a small road in the middle of nothing-ganj and every place of residence is local, you can safely play or break your vacation. Never travel to India without comprehensive travel insurance, you do not want to be really sick and no one is calling.

As for Delhi's belly as the first trip to India, there is consensus. Most people are actually sick in the first week if they are eating homogeneous, well-liked local restaurants, it is safer to feed on road stalls or eat some milk or yogurt where local power supply is unstable (this is everywhere, by the way). But with the dozen repeating travelers I personally know, none of them were sick during the later visit, except maybe to be cold here and there.

It's as if your body just means Indian baptism, that's okay. You can say that fire and water are baptism. But it is worthwhile, as soon as India gets into your skin, not to mention the digestive tract, you will never be the same. "And one more thing about bananas: they can be deadly in a number of ways than one. Do not feel like hungry urban monkeys, or do you have a nasty fight on your hand-mentioning travel insurance

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