Indexing Your Site Before Starting

I've noticed that most SEO articles focus on starting a website. Those who do not deal with site preparation generally negotiate on-site SEO, such as keyword searches and meta tags. What you tend to neglect is the benefit you can index before launching your site. With a little design and a few hours of work, Google, Yahoo and MSN can easily index your site before you go.

Most importantly, indexing your site to the top three categories, we get links that click on already indexed sites. When the crawlers crawl these sites, they will inevitably find a link to your site and add your site to the index. Follow the five steps a month before you go out and step by step in front of the game.

  1. Register your domain name. You were surprised how many people are waiting for the last moment to do so. The sooner you register your domain, the sooner you get some quality links that point and index.
  2. Add a Home Page Make a "soon" page with your logo, site information and the expected start date. You can also add a form to people to subscribe to your site's email updates. This will start the list of email marketing before you start it.
  3. Start a blog and log in to Feedburner. Put a blog on at . No matter if you use WordPress, Blogger, or any other blog platform, just make sure you've admitted it to your site. Make some messages about your site, what to expect when people start it, and why it's unique to your site. After the first entry, register a Feedburner account . A & # 39; Publish & # 39; In your account, be sure to sign in to Ping Shot & # 39; This will alert you to your posts blog post, which hopefully some links to your site.
  4. Write some articles and submit your directories. No matter what your site is, there is definitely a theme for your site to write an article. For example, if your site is going to sell fitness equipment, you can write an article about how to make a home gym. Or to evaluate and review new cars, you can write an article on how to buy a new car. After writing and correcting your article, submit it to the article directories, such as Ezine Articles and iSnare . Be sure to enter a new site description and a link back in the resource box. Again, this will lead to some links to your site.
  5. Get a link from an indexed site. In Steps 3 and 4, you need to create some links from indexed sites that will ensure that your site is indexed. But you do not mind getting more. When I started my last site, I linked it to my personal blog, which I knew was indexed. If you do not have this option, you can ask your blog or website about you to mention it. If you can not find anyone who is free to do so, you can offer them a free ad on your site when you start the link.

the header of SEO and, so that your site has an immediate impact. Why wait while you start? Start a month earlier and enjoy the benefits when the start day is around.

Source by Adam McFarland

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