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My dog ​​wants to walk. "

" Here is the lunch time, what should I do? "

If you see Twitter, it's about tweets, but there's even more on Twitter than benevolent random remarks: Twitter is a great business tool if it's used correctly. It's bad for people – not to mention you – (19459003)
Here are some things I noticed that someone would follow someone on Twitter or not:

If you want people to follow Whether it's a bio, if you do not have a biology, it's hard for others to see what it's all about. A high pitch that is sure to run others as you use Twitter in business, tell the bio tells the web marketer, SEO fan, author, blogger, WAHM or whatever. Remember that people can find you through the search function if they are looking for SEO, Writer, WAHM etc.

It is also good to add your sense of humor at the end of your organic life when people are beginning to giggle, more likely to follow you.

Please do not use the default avatar. Be a real man or even a brand. Many Twitterers do not follow you in the picture and in the picture. He said good.

Your Twitter Data Stream
What is a beep counts. If a potential trainer clicks on your name, he sees not only his biology and his image, but what he thinks. Will you just post your promotions? This is an instant distortion. You just say you do not talk to anyone? For example, are you just writing tweets about your most recent posts or articles you've written? People want to follow people who are doing real conversations with others. I would like to see you answer questions and problems . No matter how good it is to send out Twitterspace if it does not seem to be interested in communicating with real people, they do not want to follow.

Bottom line – you can reply to other people's tweets, replicate other tweets that you value, help, support someone with a bad day, sometimes chime your promotions.

With Twitter, you can successfully grow your business and build relationships with others. But first, use the tips above to attract your Twitter page so you can increase your targeted followers. After all, you have to demand it before you can contact them.

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