Immigration Act – Visa Waiver in Thailand

According to the Immigration Act B.E.2522 (A.D. 1979), Section 54: Deportation of Foreigners

"Any foreigner who, without permission or when the license expires or withdraws into the kingdom, will leave such a foreigner out of the kingdom;"

This visa regulation is for aliens who have exceeded the visa or visa waiver; you must leave Thailand before the permit or visa expires. If they are caught at the airport or on land, it will be possible to arrest and detain.

What is Overstay?

In addition to staying in Thailand with a "passport" inserted in the passport after traveling to Thailand through Thai immigration during your stay. Exceeding means staying in Thailand on the day the visa allows you to stay. This offense concerns arrest and detention under Thai law

Residing in Thailand is intentional or unintentional. Or forget the date when you have to leave, misunderstand the visa sticker, or something happened when the person cannot leave the country.


The only exemption from this regulation is foreign children under 7 years of age. Foreigners have to pay fines after staying in Thailand for more than seven years

What do you have to do if you go over?

Can't leave Thailand without paying the visa. You can voluntarily display and report it and delete the overrun. The visa is exceeded by THB 500 per day and up to 40 days, with a maximum fine of THB 20,000. The fine should be paid to the Immigration Office, Suvarnabhumi Airport, the Immigration Office, other departure or border stations.

Personal is not grata in Thailand

If you have been admitted anywhere, anytime, with an expired visa, you will be arrested and imprisoned – in the Immigration Department's detention center in Bangkok until you have been able to pay for the days you have suffered. They surpassed. You will be deported from Thailand. You need to have enough money for a flight to get to the airport. If you are unable to meet these requirements, the immigration office will remain in prison until you get a confirmed ticket and enough money to travel to the airport. There will be a case against you. In extreme cases, especially in the case of long-term survival, its name is recorded in a secret "confidential list", which is commonly called "blacklist"; and will not forbid you forever in Thailand. It is extremely difficult to get the name "blacklist"

Staying in Thailand is too difficult and complicated. It is advisable to avoid overrun. If so, stay away from the police raising activities, try to avoid trouble, pay the fine as soon as possible and leave Thailand.

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