I'm an average girl, but only if "A" stands for the adventurous

impressions. What an interesting concept. To think that others have an initial assumption of who I am when they meet with me and that they also agree to me. I often wondered what kind of impression I would give the people I met. I often meet with individuals who feel I'm bold enough and I often hear, "I could never have started my own business." Or: "I could never backpack for the weekend or climb like you did." Others are listening to the seemingly exciting tales, and I take back the favor with a story that goes to Nepal or Thailand to get to the big things. Wow … I've never done that before.

I did not talk about these experiences of choosing my way of life as exotic or unavailable. On the contrary, I have a confession. I often feel average. Starting a business and climbing rocks are not activities that were without fear, I promise. More often than not, I feel like a mouse, not a tiger. Is not it funny that some of my lifestyle seem wildly adventurous, and it's just mediocre for others?

We all have our own lifestyle. I would be willing to accept that we are all proud of ourselves sometimes and completely at other times. This is my story to find the extraordinary thing in the well, okay. I hope to help you answer the question, "What's so special to me?" At first glance, I'm your typical daughter next door. Average brown hair, transparent brown eyes and average body. I'm on average older and I'm in an amazing 5 & # 39; 4 station. "When I was younger, my vacation was a normal travel story from logged shores, my friends and I were in the typical trouble." Escape from our ancestors to the age of 23 I never did anything extraordinary in my life – at least not in my definition, I felt the potential in me , I was desperate for new things and a serious interest in adventure

So, I listened to this desire, I did the "list." During the change of attitude, I saw the world differently-more like the adventurous person, -30 I listed things I always wanted to do, things like "eating a foreign food" and "floating." I still refer to this list to date … and I add it to it

My goal was to be more like adventurous people who were interested in me and asked for a timid lifestyle. Adventures, as my feelings changed, my interests, hobbies and behaviors were the same, every time I started a new activity, fear from the unknown was less and less disturbed. Even the adventurous adventures, and he began to hire some newcomers to join my aspirations. All this has helped me to grow into the person, but the added adventure does not mean that we do not have to worry about emotion, worry, fear and average feelings, see: things do not matter what I want, someone else is in front of me yet It's harder to do, LOVE this. Help me in my journey.

How do you feel, everything in your perception. Guarantees to witness people who seem to do more, give more and more. I think you can be sure that people look at the same observation. This statement contains a big blow and is easy to pull, so do not ignore it: always the middle person makes a very definite feeling that it is just average. What a good place! Do not let this feeling hold you back, just do it prospectively, which means we both strive for more and come back to help others who want to grow. Think about it as a team approach.

Keep in mind that it is as important as mentors and teachers, it is important to examine their contribution to the world as well. You did extraordinary things in your life. Think of those who come to you for advice, expertise or compassion. Reflect the comments you've heard from those who look at you.

You may have read this thought: "I really did not touch anyone, and I do not think anyone who said positive things about me" and even "feel uncomfortable for good things." In fact, there is always someone who has been positive to you before. How many times did you admire your fashion sense or answer a conversation at a meeting? These little moments are great attention. They always happen.

If you can not tell if anyone recognizes you, it's time to reinforce these attributes so that others can not help but point them out. Think of someone you respect. What are its properties? What are the things they've been involved in, what they've always wanted? It's probably easy to understand why you want to love them the most? They embody everything they like about them. How can you get started on the idea? 19459002

I'm not suggesting you can repeat this person exactly, but you start playing in the world. Find your own world through the example of others. Bounce into the waters and see what's right for you, do it more! Make a list. Get started easily. Know your passion. In a long time, lots of people want to participate in your experiences, show new things and find yourself again a little bit average … but the most adventurous way!

Source by Katie Mattson

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