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The city of Ifrane Anti-Atlas has long been known for its incredible beauty in Morocco, with its beautiful and rich oases, its extensive history and its deep culture. Since the city has been inhabited for over two thousand years, this is the city's own mythology, which coincides with the older Jewish traditions. The local legends declare that after the escape from the rule of King Nebuchadnezzar, the Jewish people came to the Anti-Atlas of Ifrane, which is no wonder that one of the Moroccan cities was one of the cities that fought Islamic transformation through the country.

If you might be interested in the city's new interest and developments, then the focus should be on football. Since the 1990s, the city of Anti-Atlas of Ifrane has been proud of the time spent by the international star Moustapha Hadji, a native of Morocco, between the coniferous nest of the city. As time has passed, the family still enjoys this reputation as Moustapha's younger brother, Yussuf, also plays in Morocco, and is a star actor who gives Ifrane d-Anti-Atlas more to boast. The Foot Bridge

When in Anti-Atlas Ifrane, people visit the city's main sight, just behind the city's beautiful and bustling main souk. This attraction is called Footbridge, and really everywhere you need to be in the city. With the freedom to look around and observe, there are many places where you sit down with a camera that shows some of the most beautiful images you've ever seen.

Ifrane himself, the small village of the valley An amazing sight, full of rich and colorful cabins. The houses are rich in colors – something from Switzerland – and people are incredibly friendly and interesting, and the trees turn around everywhere and surround the village. Although the village has monuments like any other place, natural beauty is what is really wonderful here, so make sure it takes a few minutes to occupy a place and talk to those around you. Kids are delighted to be in the circle of travelers and something very cool about the conversation.

Among the interesting places, ifrane left it, olive oil is only one way on the road. A local affair, only three people and a donkey run this place, because the donkey brings the raw power for men to spend full day with olive oil. While being sold both locally and in the valley, it is the modest, yet brilliant aspect of the small business that devotes attention to it.

After the olives on a slightly steep hill will climb a beautiful landscape with a contrasting emptiness. It is astonishing, offensive to look back as you came and you did not see the real life or plant life, but then you would turn to it and see the lush and green part of the valley.

If you are looking for more in the Anti-Atlas area of ​​Ifrane, you will find Jewish quarters used by local barbers and a Jewish cemetery that has been transplanted to the natural foliage of the area.

Ifrane's Anti-Atlas journey is one of the most enjoyable excursions on the trip through the wadi, which is the seasonal river in the alley and the attractions around it. With colors that are opposed to each other, it is not surprising that all watchful eyes would find this a beautiful place.

Although Ifrane certainly has hotels, there are cafes in the area, the Café de la Paix, and an unnamed mansion near the mosque. They offer you a place for cheap prices, and serving meals, you will find the best food in the two cafes located in the suuq. (Some people) They do not have a menu, they are rather customized to help you see what others are listed first.

Overall Ifrane Anti-Atlas Expanded History and sightseeing can be a very rich and rewarding experience with amazing views and exceptional hiking. It is said that this is not the kind of journey that someone can not learn to communicate with and communicate with people, as this is not primarily a city for tourists.

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