If you slow down a Chinese girl?

A rather common problem that is often encountered by dating Chinese girls is the rumor or premise that any Chinese girl loves to be in contact slowly. Many believe that Chinese girls are very conservative, and trusting them is a long and slow process. There is a little truth to this myth, but largely not entirely true. Chinese girls are like girls from any other culture. Love and sex come when they are comfortable with their partners. Where did this idea come from? 19459002

Historically, Chinese women lived a very rough life. They were considered an object, even more so than in Western cultures. The fathers were traded for the virginity of their daughter for money and status. Basically, to sell their daughters to marriage. If it is time to perfect marriage that is not found, they will be thrown away by avoiding their family and living in the streets. Women in China for most of the last millennium had hardly any rights.

Nowadays in modern China the enormous change and progress of the last 30 years is clearly visible. Women's rights have become significantly stronger and as a result Chinese women have become stronger and self-sufficient. They have gained control in a number of areas and as a result there are several connections. They can now determine the speed of connection, as they now play a much more important financial role in society. In China, it's quite common for friends to wait for their girlfriend's hands and feet. Chinese boys do not hesitate to get their girlfriends doing things like keeping their purses or carrying bags they bought while shopping and so on. It only shows how much power there is among Chinese women.

Like a Western man who meets a Chinese woman, she must respect her wishes about the relationship. In a multicultural relationship, both sides will make concessions and compromises. You may want to move quickly while you want to go slowly and always respect it. Chinese women respond positively to their honor and are more likely to have a healthy relationship that moves at the desired speed. Most importantly, never do things that make each one feel uncomfortable and move as fast as he or she is willing to move.

Source by Meili Han

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