How to take care of leather gloves?

This is a question I get a lot and I've been forced to write a short article on one of the latest threads of a popular martial arts forum. I would like to take the opportunity to write a short article on how to take care of the suitcase gloves because, if you do the right thing, there will be a pair of gloves that last for years.

Boxing gloves are not rocket science, and there is no really hidden process to care for them. Most commonly just good old common sense. Many people ask me how can I hinder the skin from tugging the glove and reducing the smell of glove? The short answer is to release the gloves and wipe them off after each session.

The difference in the skin of a boxing gloves is due to the acidity in the sweat. Skin is a natural substance, and when it comes into contact with an acidic substance such as sweating, it begins to break down. This can send red flags into your mind; And maybe you think I can stop this. Do not worry too much, because the skin was pre-treated in the factories before the gloves were waterproof. It is true that over time water resistance will be treated, but it will usually take years. The best advice here is that the glove should be removed with alkaline or basic solution. Baby wipes usually do the job well.

The next problem you will encounter is the smell of glove. It does not sound like a big deal, but when your hand constantly sticks after using the glove, it starts playing your mind. The best way to handle glove odor is glove leakage. If you put them in a direct sunlight on a shelf, this seems to be the best way to minimize the smell of glove. You can use scattering, but it only smells the odor.

In summary, the most effective way to take care of boxing gloves is to suck them out and wipe them off after each session. Try not to use it in the gym bag because you just want to do annoying gloves.

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