How to Make a Twitter Bot in Five Minutes

Twitter is the fastest growing community site with some interesting features that are completely different from other social sites. One of the fantastic elements of Twitter Sticks is actually sticks that will help you work for you while you are offline as a personal assistant.

These bots can do as many things as checking grammar, tracking users, even DM, which is cool better? You can ask these bots and answer you like Google Now and Siri. But you have to ask them perfectly. Otherwise, they did not answer. To do this, you need to create Twitter sticks and configure them.

These bots automatically include favorite or retweet tweets if they meet certain criteria. You have to set the criteria so that bots can easily follow the commands. You can also set automatic response when someone follows you or sends DM. You will see it on Twitter as you go after some famous brands or famous people! After you follow them, you will automatically receive the DM as "Thank you for following us!"

The best element about these bots, no code or anything, 2 minutes

How to create your own Twitter Bot?

These bots are basically a principle, we need to provide a keyword, find any tweets that match a given keyword and perform the action. So it's so simple and you can create these robots without you code.

To do this you need to create an account on Twitter. If so, sign in with your username, please make sure this account will work like a bot! Now, go to, sign in with your account, and create a Twitter app. Enter the name of the app and the corresponding description, paste the URL of the site, accept the Terms of Service, and the Developer Terms Submit the form.

Now, the Twitter app is ready, but by default, Read and Write, which means that bots can only read tweets and tweets, but DM [Direct Message] is not like Facebook Messenger . Therefore, you need to change the permission, click Modify Application Permission, and switch to Reading, Writing, and Accessing Direct Messages.

You now need the keys and access chips for the set Twitter sticks. To do so, click Create your own inbox. Twitter creates keys and tokens.

How to set up Twitter sticks? / bots and Twitter Bots are open. Enter previously created keys and tokens. Now enter a keyword or task that the robots need to enter. If you want DM to be your new follower boss, enter your Twitter account username in the Twitter Search box. Select an action, DM Followers, and enter the message you want to give to your new followers. When you're done, click Save and check if you want. Now your Twitter account acts as a bot. You can ask these bots to do some action and answer you like Google Now and Siri. You can only create one bot in your free account, but if you want to do more with additional actions, you need to purchase the premium version.

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