How to Make $ 200,000 in 10 Simple Steps – Formula For Success

This strategy to make $ 200,000 in 10 simple steps requires some explanation. Once you understand the concept, you can repeat the successful formula.

Okay, say, there are about 50 people out there besides their adventure store. You want everything to come and go. They offer pizzas, drinks, music, games and great companys for $ 5. After being in a group entertaining and entertaining, he offered them a local weekend retreat for one day to show them rock climbing in a place close enough to reach the humble $ 50 prize. This is the first step to your plans.

In the second step on the weekend trip, continue to sell the same group. This time, you will spend a full weekend adventure in a national park for $ 500 for the rock climber.

We're now ready for the third and final sales pitch. During the national park's adventure, during the weekend, they offer them a 2-week adventure in Thailand to climb the Adaman Sea for every $ 5,000.

The above is a basic strategy for instilling a single group. Okay, let's assume that the combination of personality and brilliant sales skills is guaranteed to be 10% to almost every audience you sell. And we also assume that the first big bash party had 1,000 participants. Here is a breakdown:

10% 1000 = 100 x 005 = 500

10% 0100 = 010 x 050 = 500

10% 0010 = 001 x 500 $ = 500

Total $ 1,500

This is not enough money to motivate us. So you have to do the promotions and find a way to attract 10,000 people to our initial party. In order to work on 10%, 10,000 people would be required and 10 groups of 10 groups could be started. But look at the difference by 10,000

10% 10000 = 1000 x 005 = 5000

10% 01000 = 0100 x 050 = 5000

10% = 0010 x $ 500 = 5000

10% of 00010 = 0001 x $ 5000 = 5000

Total $ 20,000

people. At least one small group must have 5, but 10 will be easier to work if many people can set their schedules or delete them. In order for this formula to be guaranteed success, at least 100,000 people have to start. But let's see how it dramatically changes the formula:

10% 100,000 = 10,000 x 005 = 50,000

10% 010,000 = 001000 x 050 = 50,000

= 00100 X 500 $ = 50 000

10% 00100 = 0010 x $ 5000 = 50000

Total $ 200,000

Now you can tell yourself. Wait a second. There is no way to attract as many as 1,000 people to my house or store 100,000. But this is a limited view. What if the house or store is on the internet? Can you attract 1000 people online? If you attract 1 person, you need a system that will attract the theoretically 1 million.

So if you turn to a webpage for a particular program or offer, then 10% make 10% convert, then the idea is pretty simple. You can generate 10,000 hits each year per 100,000 hit results per YEAR or 10 websites.

It is more pessimistic to say what if it only received 50% of the formula's success. This is still $ 100,000 internet-based income. If you get 10,000 hits to your site, it looks like it's a real challenge, but over time, content, content and content – invested in external and internal content – can really be a solid force. It's possible that you can get 100,000 hits per MONTH, which is the goal. I like 2, so I feel we'd like to target 200,000 hits per month to your main site to focus on conversions. For example, if we sent 1 article and generated 10 hits, then we know that 1 = 10 per month is in the article distribution. So 10 articles = 100 hits and 100 articles = 1000 hits. Of course, writing 1000 articles is a bit of a challenge, so maybe it's best to write 100 articles to get the fund's 1000 hits, then focus on posting these articles to 10 key positions that resulted in 1000 hits out of 100 results. Of course, this figure is approaching 10,000, but we have to think the worst plan – we can expect the best attitudes.

So we have a tool to pull 10,000 new hits every month

To reach the above mentioned and at least 10 (20) other strategies, 200,000 hits per month are challenging. Here are some:

01 Article submissions

02 Blogs

03 SEO for web pages (you need to upload as much as possible)

04 companion. (100 pages that promote your site)

05 Pay Per Click Ads Like – AdWords

06 YouTube video popularity competitions

07 social sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.

08 Advertising in related magazines

09 Banners and promotions from related sites

10 Links to other sites

I think it would take at least a month to really achieve and focus on each strategy to get the most out of it. The simplest and the fastest are FIRST. Use Google Analytics properly and DO NOT cancel until you receive 200,000 hits. Yes, this is a THINK BIG strategy, but do not forget that if you reach 25% of the target, you continue to go on the road to success.

Source by Richard Essex

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