How to Keep Children Busy When Traveling

Children are such a blessing and at the same time they are such a nightmare, it is difficult to imagine life without them and also difficult to understand how we go about the whole day with THEMIS. Their spirit and energy level never goes down, feeling tired or relaxing is not a part of their life at all.

When going on a vacation with children, especially in the age group of 2 to 8 years traveling to a destination is probably the most difficult part. These children are grown up to understand things and too young to be on their own. Confined to one small space in an aircraft, the train or the car is just not acceptable to them and therefore they are likely to create nuisance all the way until you reach.

Here are a few useful ideas and tips that you could use to keep children occupied when traveling and leave some peace. Like I've already mentioned traveling is the most difficult time so one needs to make sure there are enough activities to keep them busy. The most obvious choice is the story books, but that in itself will not be enough to carry them to where they do not have to read but have to do some activity and therefore involved. Coloring is another good option and if the child is interested in sketching he could do some of that. Invent innovative games where you can also get the child to be creative like getting kids to express what they want to say by drawing or writing.

If you have more than 1 child then again it is a boon and a bane both they play together for some time leaving you free and also then get fighting like mad and make you go crazy as well. The most important part is to get them involved in some games such as cards, Pictionary, spelling games or any other educational games. They will probably need to be adjusted otherwise they might end up teething each others hair. Verbal games could have been created to keep them busy and involved.

Video games are all time favorites with children so they can play them for some time though not all the time as they lose interest very soon. You could carry portable video players to play their favorite cartoons or listen to the music they like.

Try carrying their favorite snacks for them, when they are bored they can munch on chips and other such packed stuff that they love so much. It could also be a prize when they win in any games.

It's not about buying new things for the kids before going on a trip. It's about remembering to pack things to keep them busy during the trip. The bottom line is to be innovative, create a game out of everything and make it fun and interesting for the child; This will not only keep them busy but also keep them away from trying out new activities that could be harmful to them.

Source by Rupali Mohan

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