How to get to an export-export business

So how can you get involved in an import export business?

One: Import an export business with your own money Most people think that they are involved in buying overseas products on their own account in their own account. This is the most logical and most popular way for most. Buy a product, pay for it, get your name, import your purchases to the country to sell, sell and resell and sell again.

Two: Import Export Agent – merging buyers and sellers

If you know the country, especially if you've been there several times, What they are producing and where these products are found, know your knowledge about others. For example, if you have lived in Thailand many times, you used to live and you know the Thai product, you can reach a retailer in the United States, in the city you live in or elsewhere and offer his buyer especially when delivering goods from Thailand. In this case, a retailer based in the United States may order you to purchase a product that you sell from Thailand. You can order this product in Thailand, place the shipment, and not pay it with your money, but with your money, and send the store to your US store where the store name is the recipient of the shipping document. For our services, the US based retailer-importer will pay you on an order basis. The amount of the commission can be rotated, not a fixed percentage. The amount may depend on how much time you spend on shipping, costs related to the export side of the process, costs incurred in the country of origin that need to go back to the manufacturer's products with a factory or an export shipping company. The retailer will be the importer, not only for goods, but also for the costs of preparing export documents, packaging and actual international freight transport, from a country of origin, from Thailand to the destination where the store or warehouse may be. Your commissions may be the percentage of total invoice value or negotiated amount between the two. In this scenario you use the funds of others, but expertise. You can start tomorrow. Obviously, if you've never been to Thailand, you do not want to offer its services to an export agent for Thai goods.

There are two basic versions of this involvement. One where the commission is paid by the importer on whose behalf he worked. Likewise, while you are in Thailand, a Thai manufacturer can present a product sample that will show prospective buyers in the United States. In that case, you can step back from Thailand on your recent trip to Thailand, for example as a manufacturer's representative – perhaps a non-exclusive contract to represent your products in the US – but with the agreement that if you are looking for a customer to order an order, An agreed commission on the consignment.

From these two examples, it is clear that you can work with other people, not just by merging your own, buyers and sellers. Where one or both parties can pay you a commission, buyer, seller and method The easiest way to start the import export business.

Three: Import Export Sourcing Agent

You may be an independent import-export buyer, participating in an import export business that is roughly in the same category as described above , But with more responsibility for the entire import export process. For example, say a clothing store in the United States, it offers you to find a manufacturer in Bali, Indonesia, able to manufacture clothing products based on product design specifications. Drawing a product with product design by a retailer will send more than one subsidiary to Bali to produce a sample of products that will eventually be ordered by the retailer. Each manufacturer shall draw up the sample, the quantity rebates and the delivery deadline. The retailer selects one supplier that is purchased on the basis of product quality, price and delivery time and then request the contract to the supplier. You must supervise production, quality control, preparation of documents, and merchandise with the retailer's money, not yours who will be the actual importer and recipient of the delivery documents. As described above, retailer-importer will pay a commission fee and may incur costs and may also be available in the following currency.

Four: Export Brokers

The last example is an example that once again uses the money of other people to merge buyers and sellers. In this example, a Thai manufacturer offers container loads of a product, such as games. The shipment is ready for shipment and must be in the purchased state. The consignment may be a selection and may include some attractive products, but some may be less marginal, maybe even seconds or disappear. The manufacturer is looking for a buyer. You are an agent who knows who you may be interested in who are the customers who bought these types of products. This store may be located in Miami, Florida or Berlin, Germany or any other country where you met buyers about this type of product. The seller-exporter provides a sample to the buyer-importer. If the buyer agrees to purchase the container at the agreed price, you can manage the entire sales transaction, which may be a repurchase credit card at your Denver bank or wherever you are. The Berlin customer pays $ 40,000 in L / C, and if the funds clarify his bank, his bank will cut $ 30,000 in L / C into the Thai bank of the seller and reduce the difference with bank charges. The container goes from Thailand to Berlin, Germany, and not through the United States – never gets ownership of the goods. It only connects the seller to the buyer and the agent. Needless to say, export shipments are conveyed by a number of other brokers who meet the export offer via a manufacturing exporter in Thailand.

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