How to Get Knocked Out of Power

What would happen if a one-year-old baby came from the fourth floor window to a burley truck driver and stood there on the sidewalk?

So begins Jack Dempsey classic book Championship Boxing .

Jack Dempsey was a heavyweight champion between 1919 and 1926. At the turn of the century he started earning money by going rough bars and challenging anyone in the house with a bare wrist and then betting with his friends.

This guy knew how to knock people. The point he started dramatically about opening the falling baby was that the weight of his tiny little child knocked or killed the roaring lorry driver.

I took two valuable points to fight Dempsey's book. The importance of rapid completion of the fight and the importance of body weight to create a relieving force.

The most important thing is to end the battle. As Dempsey says, there are no officials in a street fight. "Never forget: the longer the fight lasts, the longer it is in danger … Furthermore, the danger rate against us usually increases in every minute of the fight," he wrote.

"It is imperative to end the fight as quickly as possible and the best way to do it." Loss is much more important in fist fight than boxing, then fist is to be fought. "

He devoted one of his chapters to the concept called" downfall. "The instructor instructs the reader to stand in their hands with their feet slightly forward, then advancing in the direction of the foot with a short step, you sink to the idea of ​​being aware of the weight of your progress and of understanding that if you hit a punch and punch to your opponent before the soles touch the ground, the weight of the body is at the moment behind the stamp.

The stamp is so close to the whole body of the body, weight is the most important weapon in the fist or box, "he writes. Try a heavy bag – the key does not squeeze the bag, but absorb the bag so the bag bounces rather than the sways – I got a tip from a friend who is a professional boxer.

Take some practice and find it harder and harder to hit time. Take more time and exiting power.

Source by Steven R Moody

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