How to Easily Create a Content Distribution Message with Your Blog

I can understand that you survive Social Media or Web 2.0 & # 39; as usually called. It's okay to break the time and learn to learn these things step by step. It is also good to choose and apply yourself to learning just a few things at a time. Blogging is my thing and I really enjoy it.

The fact that my well-matured cash-powered engine will be just a bonus!
Nowadays, it is really a ringing thing for the old-fashioned, what you do, what you love and the money you're following.

All right, so you have to go to the basics. Let's say you've created your first content page. Here I am trying to maximize the 31-minute effort and put the article on the job. You can do it.

1) Save the article to a file to back up my blog and send it more easily for other purposes. You must clearly label and begin to keep all the articles together. Even if you write 1 a week, you will be 52 by the end of the year. This is more than enough for your first book!

2) Submit the article to your blog. Select the relevant keywords in & # 39; Tags & # 39; if any. This will help your blog rank high on Google when people search for information about the topic. (Google loves fresh blog content so this really works!)

3) Notify your new blog post on social media. (It's a bit like promoting your own newspaper! It's very exciting when you get your initial fear that does not know you.)

The most important tip

Twitter and Facebook are great ways to Announce the world that you have new blog posts. You can use a great resource on
This is completely free and lets you press the message directly to all social media sites at the touch of a button. That's amazing.

4) Wait 2-3 days (this will allow you to add a new blog entry to your original content for the first time), then add the same article to your favorite article directories (up to slightly modifiable) and make sure it makes sense as a stand-alone piece, that is, not on your blog.)

Here are my favorite article directories. Open a free bill for each and send the article. Follow the step-by-step instructions. It's time-consuming for the first time, but then you're ready for your account and just add them.

come up with a great Bio Author with action on your site. This generates traffic to your site. Without anyone reading your article and enjoying the message, you can not find it!

This is Today! If you put this small system down every time you publish an article (even a small 500 words), the 24/7 operation of the content network will start soon. All free and residual values.

What I understand is that you once do the job and you can ever get to your site forever. It is essential to be clear between your message and the author so the target market can find you.

Source by Rachel Henke

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