How to earn money quickly by retrieving and returning shopping carts

Looking for earning money fast? If you have a large commercial vehicle like a pick-up truck, shopping carts can be retrieved and returned for a cash reward.

Most of the mid-retail grocery stores, breeds and stores have a stock of carts in their hands. Of course, they buy the store so that customers can use them when they buy into their store.

The shopping cart is expensive. The retailer's average cost is only between $ 75 and $ 100. Big ones like wholesale and club shops can cost up to $ 200 or more.

Most retail stores include dozens more; there are up to a hundred people in busy stores. In order to buy enough quantity to meet the demand and the level of the store's store, significant money is needed.

It is therefore in the interest of the retailer to protect this investment. Most retailers will do their utmost to make sure the wagons are in stores. However, shopping buggy theft is too common. The average warehouse will lose about $ 8,000 to $ 10,000 per year on this issue.

Since such expensive shopping, many business owners and retailers are paying cash for the stolen (or "borrowed") and did not return. Cash rewards usually range from $ 25 to $ 50 in your basket.

Here's how to get them back and return these buggys to cash: contact your shopping cart. Find out if they are paying for the returned cars. Many people do it, but they do not give cash rewards to anyone. (Owners do not want the public to abuse the payment system by stealing the wagons to get the reward.) You should generally sign up for cash recharging contracts

certain forms of identification, usually a driving license and another item (such as social security or credit card). You may need to sign an exemption from liability if something unforeseen happens.

Agrees with your retailer for any or all of your retailers. The more contracts you get, the more you win.

If you've been living in your city for a long time, you probably have shared collecting points for stolen shopping carts. Visit these areas regularly. Also, keep your eyes open whenever you are in the city. Probably likely to drop your shopping carts regularly. You can add these and send them back when you collect them or store them home until there are several of them.

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