How to create a blog fast and free?

This is a guide for future bloggers that will allow them to create a blog quickly and without cost. However, I will not go through free blogging services such as Vox, Blogspot, and I love where future bloggers need only registration and start publishing blog posts.

If you are future bloggers who want to launch a blog while you are able to design and modify your blog any time, this guide is for you.

I tried to write logs, but I found it only a few days later. My first blog was on Yahoo 360 last August. In January, I moved to Vox because I just wanted to change the date and time of my position. It was very important for me to change the date and time because I first saved my posts in the Nokia E61 before sending it to my computer for posting.

In the middle of March I thought we were able to change the overall look and customization of the encoding. Well, initially, the idea of ​​sending my memories to the blog, as I wrote it, looks wonderful. As time passes, the idea is still wonderful, just that I like encoding and knowing more.

I started with basic HTML knowledge and I did not know PHP or CSS at all. I am proud to be able to contribute to HTML and CSS as well as some basic knowledge in PHP.

Do not worry at all. HTML and CSS learning is just one extra to understand what's behind the blog. If you just want to blog, leave the encoding.

Free Hosting

Competition is getting tougher and offers all kinds of services to attract consumers. Here I recommend 110 MB. As you see from your URL, I'm with you. Free but not completely free. Additional services, such as SQL, SendMail, Backup, and fans, are available for certain fees.

I recently paid $ 5 for SendMail, which allows my blogs to send me an email via the contact form available on my blog. Well, that's just a one-off fee, and I think it's worth the price.

With 110 megabytes, you do not need to advertise, and you can do anything that you can do as long as you meet the criteria. So far, my blog has been down twice, but administrators have been able to solve the problems within 12 hours.

Flatpress blog

Needless to say, my blog is a flat blog. If you sign up for an 110 MB account, you have an application option that includes more than 30 types of applications that include blogs, forums, galleries, CMS, and fans. However, you can only install up to 5 applications, because administrators want to prevent users from using their pleasure.

Not all applications need one of MySQL and Flatpress. Well, I was slowly thinking about changing my Flatpress blog to WordPress by purchasing a MySQL package. In any case, this is just a thought. Moving and setting up content can take a lot of time.

Select Flatpress from the 1-Click App Installer and your blog will be ready within minutes. After installation, simply enter your blog's URL and direct your blog to a simpler installation process and creating a user account. Then the installation history and the blog just created everything WYSIWYG.

Files and Backup

110mb File Manager

The 110mb File Manager where only three files are limited. If you want to change the encoding of CSS and PHP files, you can not fully edit them using the 110 MB file manager because every time I tried to edit it, only one blank screen was displayed. The only way to edit files, depending on the 110 MB file manager, can only be downloaded and re-uploaded during editing.

110 MB of non-backup copies for users and users are responsible for backing up files on a computer. Backing up is absolutely impossible without ever downloading each folder from each folder and sorting them carefully if you want to use a 110 MB file manager.

It has a recent backup feature, but you have to pay a one-time fee for $ 7. If you do not want to pay the amount, please see below.


This is an online FTP but you can download the program as well. I usually do not blog on my home computer, and I always use the online service. Compared to other online FTPs, this is the fastest and easiest way to do this. You can also install Flatpress and other Java applications. As mentioned above, the 110 MB File Manager is quite difficult to use if you want to transfer many files. Using Net2FTP, it is possible to upload files or a single zip file. When uploading a Zip file, Net2FTP extends the files and is very useful if you want to upload or restore a lot of your blogs.

Well, you have to save the files before restoring them. Check all files and folders that you can see at the root of the 100 MB area and click the download button. My blog is 6-8 megabytes, and it is usually about. It lasts 5 to 10 minutes. Net2FTP zip for each file and lets you save it to the desired location.


I would say that you can simply create your own blog. You should only have 110 MB and Net2FTP, and you simply need to understand the English language. As you blog, you will learn. If you feel you want to change the design, you want to start coding. Otherwise, there are some topics that can only be downloaded from the web by Googling.

One advice, do not forget to back up if you try to make great changes. Also, back up and save on a regular basis. You do not want to lose files when you wake up in the morning.

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