How to control stressful food?

I've been stressed over the last few years. As a result, for the first time in my life I've been eating a stress eating habit

I'm thinking of emotional, frantic eating and snacking routines. I fill myself with rusty foods, not to fill my stomach, but because I'm bored, stressed everyday life, overwhelmed or exhausted. Enjoy or enjoy it. I suddenly wanted to have chocolate or pizza, and nothing else sound good. So, I cover up a TV, read a book, or play iPademen. The eating need is not from my stomach, but in my mind. I do not eat until I'm completely, but until I'm uncomfortable. Sometimes I start with good intentions and eat healthy as vegetables, but I still can not get rid of my mind. Not satisfied, I eat a huge bowl of popcorn thinking that will make the trick. I'm full, but I can not get out of the niches I wanted. So I finally eat vegetables, popcorn, and nachos. My stomach is so full and swollen that I finally feel sad. In my twisted mind, I'm convinced that I'm going to the nachos next time, instead of having all the extra calories I had before I tasted what they really wanted. So this is what I'm doing. In short, I feel better, but then I'm disgusted in myself.

So you're familiar?

So, are we all to stop stress from eating and avoiding the dreaded unwanted weight gain that usually results in? Here are some simple tips that I plan for the next use:

Identifying emotions and triggers

Comfort, stress is not all your fault and is actually a logical reason for it

When you feel stressed, your body has high levels of hormone cortisol. Cortisol increases appetite and stimulates salty, high-carbohydrate, sweet and high-fat foods. These foods provide energy and joy by increasing the sober dopamine resistance of the brain. Over time, the brain may begin to hang on these comfortable meals to calm down and feel better.

Besides, if you do not sleep overnight, because you're worried, this is just worse. And if your life feels inadequate and empty, the food can fill the emptiness. So the first step is to figure out what's coming to the bag bag. Can you feel your life control? You're disappointed? Overwhelmed? Crazy? Dangerous?

Focus on the risk of unconsciousness and you are ready to go to the next step.

We often eat to avoid our feelings What makes us uncomfortable. Food is sometimes fun.

If we're tense with your work or financial pressure, we are worried about an upcoming event, or we're drafting with a loving argument, it's usually easier to focus on Eating comfortable meals instead of starting a painful situation.

But the emotions will not go away. If you are stressed to eat, add a serious offense to sabotage weight-loss goals. This is a whole cycle – and not good. The emotions cause you to rise too high, you are astonished that you will ruin your meal, you will be on your weight, feel guilty, and again surpass our feelings. Angry, fearful, anxious, guilty or exhausted. Ask these negative feelings to visit and accept them kindly. Finally, your body and mind will understand that these feelings are ok. That you do not have to console the food to protect your own emotions. The truth is, if you do not try to suppress negative feelings – even if they are painful – it will help you quit Getting your emotions away. Your feelings lose their power over you. You will learn to control your anxiety and deal with negative feelings more constructively.

As a bonus, when you hear and accept your feelings, you discover what you really need, then you need the necessary changes in your life.

Pause for a moment

Take a moment to stop and reflect why you want to eat. Tell yourself that you will consume me for five minutes. At that time, you give yourself the chance to offer a different choice than to reach that bag.

Ask yourself how you feel. Understand what motivates your eating needs and think about how to find a better solution for these feelings. (See below for some ideas to positively handle negative emotions.)

However, if you still really want a bowl of ice cream, it's better to allow it to be moderate. As I learned from my experiences at the beginning of this article, I'm eating a lot of vegetables and rice cookies when you really want chips or chocolates to work in the long run. You do not really want to, and probably eat more because it's not satisfactory, "explains Michelle May, author of Eat What You Love," Love What You Eat. "So go ahead and release yourself, but get away from the laptop, Or the iPad, to focus entirely on the treatment you want to eat. "Why do not you just take a moment to enjoy everything," he says, and it is more likely that he will be " (19459003)

Find Alternatives [

[Search for Alternatives] [Finding Alternatives]

If you understand the stress cycle and some triggers, look for other constructive ways to treat your emotions.

If you are Stretching, turn on your favorite music and dance around the house. Take a quick stroll. Write in a journal. Do something creative like painting or scrapbooking. Exercise a deep breath until you feel relaxed. Exit and enjoy nature.

If you feel depressed or lonely, call a good friend or family member, your dog or cat's pet, or browse through an old photo album. If you are angry, practice the healing art of forgiveness. If you are bored, plan your next trip or upload your calendar with exciting events. If you're exhausted, treat yourself to a soothing cup of tea or a long bath with a scented candle.

It also helps you take positive steps to resolve problems that will interfere with you. For example, if you are considering financial problems, you should start constructive strategies to pay for debt or to retire.

Remember, negative emotions do not last forever. Just because you're pathetic today does not mean you're unhappy tomorrow. But in the meantime, you can find alternative, healthy, and positive solutions to dealing with your emotions.

Keep Your Attention to What You Eat

Stay away from the unconscious diet and appreciate your food

Think of how much food you get from your food when you buy it and buy How your body will grow. Try some new, healthy recipes. When cooking, use all the senses to evaluate the aroma, texture, colors and even foods of the food as you cook them. And when it's time to eat, it takes time to enjoy your meal completely. Take small bites, chew slowly and evaluate all the ingredients, taste and seasoning. You will be surprised every single time when it comes to a twist.

Start Every Day Again

Finally, be kind to yourself. If you fall back and enjoy the stress comfortably, start the next day. Learn from your experience and plan how to stop it again. Focus on the constructive changes that your eating habits improve, which will improve your health. And go ahead and let it just once. It only takes time to really enjoy it.

So you go. Next time I get stress relieving, follow the steps above. And what about you? Join me and we can fight the coexistence of stress!

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