How to Choose the Right Travel Baggage for a Holiday

As the journey can be exciting, there are some stressful aspects. Luggage retreating and restraining can be a breeze, or it can burden your travel experience. The first thing you need to do is judge your travel style and satisfy your needs. With this in mind, we have compiled some important things that need to be considered in advance.

Suitcase or Backpack?

This article focuses primarily on suitcases for the following reasons:

  • Convenience

Maneuvering at airports with many people and traffic while carrying heavy weight on its back is not easy. Suitcases are much easier to maneuver easily with traffic

  • wheels

Simply pack your luggage. This is the main reason for picking up a suitcase.

  • Organization

Backpack does not provide much room for organizational mobility. You can only reach the top upload packing mechanism where you need to remove everything to reach the bottom element. A suitcase gives you a clear picture of all your property as you open it or open it.

The backpack does not look good.

Hard or Soft?

Your travel baggage is your travel needs. For example; traveling for business or pleasure? Do you plan to ship expensive items that can break easily? The hard substrate is perfect for those who carry items such as an expensive camera, or when the vacation is under severe weather conditions. The hard case provides protection for broken products

Soft luggage is perfect for those looking for added storage. These bags can be expanded, making them ideal for those carrying some souvenirs. Soft carrying bags can be easily inserted into the upper compartment. over your head. Then how long does the holiday take? Many are able to survive with fewer elements than others, but when visiting a foreign location, a smaller carrier is ideal. Before you buy a shipment, inquire about the international and domestic dimensions of that airline.


  • The size of international transfers is usually 18-20 inches
  • The most popular size is 21 – 22 inches – This is a large size that offers plenty of space but is light enough to lift it. You can travel for a month without worrying
  • If you're traveling with a loved one, it would be a medium size. So, consider buying a 23 – 24 inch carrying.
  • For those who like extra space, the 25 – 27 inches provide a lot of opportunities for carrying souvenirs and clothing. Also, if you're on holiday with your family, you can easily handle one of your suitcases.
  • The 28 – 32 inch size is simply too big for a travel suitcase. Very bulky and very difficult to maneuver. This size is simply the most suitable for those who want to move abroad or anyone who wants to live in another country for a long time.

It may be better to buy two small suitcases instead of buying a big, heavy piece. You have to make sure you pay separately, but it's worth it because you don't have to worry about putting everything in a bag or paying overweight when returning some souvenirs


] It is best to buy unique prints and colors. In this way, you can easily find it on the carousel of the boot.


The choice of wheel is available in two ways; two or four. Two wheels are the most common, as these bags are lighter and easier to run. You can easily tilt the bag up the stairs without having to lift them by hand.

Four wheels are straight, allowing you to easily roll them sideways crowded or shallow roads, such as inside a plane.


Always make sure your baggage has waterproof materials or at least one inner seal to keep your belongings dry. This is very important because sometimes your baggage can be placed on wet, sticky or dirty surfaces with baggage handlers

If your bag does not have a moisture-resistant sealant, simply cover the top and bottom. with a suitcase with plastic bags (garbage bag or dry cleaning bag will only be fine.) This simple trick keeps your clothes even if your suitcase gets wet.


Buy a suitcase with adjustable straps. These straps help keep objects safe and compact.

Piggy Back Clip

Have you ever seen looped clips on top of travel bags? These are called piggy back clips and allow the traveler to store a larger second bag on top of the larger ones – so your items remain safe while traveling.

• come in with piggy back clips, buy online and buy at affordable prices


The compartments can be useful if you want to arrange your belongings. For example; instead of storing the small shampoo or liquids, store them in an outer pocket with your clothes (this prevents your clothes from splashing in the event of splashes). It will also be easy to find when it is needed

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