How to Become Blogger Millionaire

Blogs have reached the idea of ​​the Internet. Casual browsers as well as marketing beginners draw attention to a new phenomenon: Blogger Millionaire. Who wouldn't want to join this growing ranking financially successfully doing something as simple as writing well. It's not a Pulitzer Prize, which we're talking about, it's just plain, writing every day, making a note for your best friend, just blogging, but writing a letter on paper and taking it off by email, "letter" on your computer, and published to everyone.

I often ask, "OK … but where's the money?"

I get this from newcomers and those who have been blogging for years.

As an example, my friend's daughter had a blog about knitting. He writes that he weaves his own yarn, painted where to find the equipment for his natural paint. Chrissy has been holding this blog for years and has a good readership for more than 2000. May.

The Internet is a new world – a virtual world. Just like the real one, there are geographic demographic data. In the real world, we visit countries, cities and addresses. On the Internet, we visit categories, booths, and URLs. As in the real world, some titles are business locations. You can buy books, clothes, wool and needles, and more on the internet.

Online sales are the fastest growing segment of the retail business. Interestingly, surveys show that people do not buy on the internet but receive information to find a solution to the problem. That's why blogs are so useful. Stay with Chrissy and your blog about (not a real domain). Here's advice on how to warp your yarn, how to paint the yarn, the source of the thread, and more. An online publication, like a magazine or newspaper that you buy at a local newspaper store, except here has no traditional publishing cost – no paper, no printing press, no staff, no distribution.

How do I win money in this publication?

Everything on the Internet is the twin in the offline world. How do you earn money from magazines and magazines? Hint: It doesn't come from selling the magazine. This comes primarily from ads.

How many ways can you win Chrissy's blog?

1. Google AdSense; This is the easiest and fastest way to make money. You've ever visited websites and seen "Google ads." Business owners, both online and on the Internet, are an effective way to drive website traffic – both online and offline. Of course, they want to advertise their target market.

The Chrissy blog is a unique gap. Not many people rotate or die their own yarns. This is a target market that would be very interested in advertising for a company that specializes in the transport of natural yarns. Natural yarn dyes are a Google advertiser. The Google system finds and natural yarn dyes. add to your blog. The knitter goes to Google, gets into the keywords of "natural yarn dyes", and gets to a page with Chrissy's blog. The knitter clicks on the blog, reads an article about natural dyes with interest, and notes that there is an advertisement for natural dyes. The knitter clicks on the ad. The advertiser then pays Google, and Google pays a percentage of Chrissy for the ad.

2. Amazon: It's another source of revenue. Amazon sells not only books and magazines, but also real products. In this case, Chrissy must open an Amazon Associate account and choose the products you want to advertise on your site. It could have been a subscription to a knitting magazine, could have been a unique yarn made from dog fur or any of the things a serious hobby would want. Every time you click on the Amazon ads on your Chrissy & # 39; s blog and buy this product, Chrissy receives a commission from Amazon.

3. Affiliates: Chrissy can search for other suppliers of binder products online. Sometimes there is someone who has set up a DVD that shows the beginners exactly how to tie, the frame and the bead. There are many merchants who have created an affiliate program. Chrissy logs in as a subsidiary and re-publishes that provider's ad on your blog. The merchant pays Chrissy a commission to every visitor to the blog that buys the ad. A good affiliate resource is Clickbank.

4. Product: Chrissy is an experienced knitter. He could write an e-book about the joys of knitting and sold him for $ 27.00 on his blog. Now he keeps all the money he paid for his purchase from his blog.

5. Independent Advertisers: As traffic to Chrissy's blog grows, you can invite advertisers to charge their banners and billing and prepayment for the ad space. What if four of these ads are only $ 25 a month? It's $ 100 besides other revenue sources from his site. As your site is highly relevant and busy, this fee can be $ 25 per week per ad, or $ 1,600 per month from this source.

These are by no means the only way to create blogs, but it's a good start. Build your money blogging muscles. Write something you really know and enjoy. I have a blog with ads. Checks are getting more and more frequent. Yes, you can become Blogger Millionaire!

Source by Valentina P Bellicova

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