How to Be the Best of You

Do not be yourself, be your best self. Take what makes you you build and break it out. If you are yourself, it does not mean you have to stay or always repeat the same behavioral patterns. Instead, self-realization is a never-ending process that is constantly advancing from day to day and year to year. We are constantly re-creating and discovering the new things that make us who we are.

Here are some basic principles to consider when trying to perfect yourself throughout your life. These are the principles I think are all about personal development. If you try to be healthier or have more meaningful relationships or improve your career, you can follow these principles and understand the things you need to do to recall the best. Identify Positive Attributes When we find things to ourselves to change, we simply focus on our mistakes and forget about the existing positive attributes. Tell us you want to build meaningful relationships, but you have a lot of past mistakes. It may be trapped in thinking: "This is all I am, I'm just an awkward man who does not know how to interact with others." But more than likely, this is not true. Instead, there are likely to be positive experiences with individuals, you just do not remember that while you are in your self-esteem.

Think harder. I'm sure there are people who like you, just ask yourself, "What do they like about me?" Then, take out a piece of paper and list these positive attributes. Maybe you are:

  • Funny
  • Intelligent
  • Regards
  • Interesting
  • [19459019]

List of all positive attributes will be a bit different – it's important that you remain honest with yourself. recalling the events of your life that reinforce each attribute. Do you remember that you were once in your friends' house and you told the terrible jokes that everyone laughed? What if you helped someone with your math tasks? Or did he offer the student's ear this time when someone roughly lived their lives?

You see? You're not as incompetent as you thought for the first time. If you occasionally send reminders for things you've been enjoying, you can better handle these features in the future. And if you take a closer look at these positive moments, you can re-discover the qualities you've ever forgotten. Use these memories of the past as a resource to learn and build.

Increase Your Expectations.

Some people have an "upper border problem" known. Want to improve themselves, but only to a certain point. If they reach this point, they stop. Maybe they do not think they deserve to go any further? Maybe they are afraid too many success? Or maybe they were not ready to do what was necessary to preserve the new life. Of course no one can be infinitely successful, but the "top border problem" is most painful if people are able to do more, but they decide they will not continue. They essentially prevent their own growth, even though they need more potential. Imagine not doing something you know you can do is very frustrating. There is always "What is it?" question remained on your back.

  • What if would I really take this job?
  • What if was to marry someone I think would have really deserved, not just to settle what was available at the moment?
  • What if has finally completed the book I was working on?
  • What if got back to Europe for vacation in college?

When we do not expect much from our lives, sort things out that would have been better. Some people, by their habits, reduce standards, if their purpose becomes more difficult, they would have liked it.

But "successful people" (and I use this term loosely – to be successful) always try to raise standards. Maybe you're a screenwriter who has written 3 movies, but you want the next one to be the best. You may be a musician who is already signed on a label, but he wants his next album to be platinum or win a Grammy. You may be a blogger who is happy with 100 visits per day, but he needs 1000 visits a day.

When ordinary people reach something, they are smarter in their current job life (which is not always a bad thing). But when successful people achieve something, they always look for the next plateau.

I would suggest to everyone that there is at least a part of their lives where they constantly raise their standards. It gives the feeling of "constant growth and progress", which really means the sensation of living.

When you try to achieve your best, it is often useful to discover positive examples , love to cultivate yourself. These positive example images can be found anywhere in movies, literature, television shows, or real life with friends, family and other strangers. Use these effects as a resource to look up and learn. Imagine what they are doing in certain situations and then model this behavior to see if it works for you.

Of course, everyone else is, and no one is perfect, so not everything is just one person. Instead, mix and compare it for you. Mike Tyson is a good model for a competitive attitude, but he would not want to make his reckless behavior out of the ring. Bono can be a good model for charity, but you do not have to enjoy your music. For modeling the positive properties of people, even if they do not necessarily like them all, it shows intelligence and maturity.

The discovery of positive roles in my life is one of the most effective strategies for my personal development. Currently, I have saved my computer with more than 100 different people, who in my opinion have personal qualities that I would like to build. I think that they are the symbolism of deliberately built archetypes, including humor, courage, spontaneity, intelligence, sexuality, and good communication.

Be prepared to experience growth aches.

Change is often faced with some resistance. You move a bit to make it sometimes comfortable in your new self, and you need to know that when you first change, you have to make the urge to get back to your original form (this is part of the "Top Limit Issue" discussed earlier.)

As I mentioned in other recent posts, it is almost impossible to go beyond any level of personal development without some degree of inconvenience or pain. This is one of the things that is inevitable, but it is also a good sign that you are pushing and looking for a new area. For example, successful athletes learn to capture their physical pain as signs of growth (this is the popular "no pain, no gain", but similar pains are often experienced in other forms of personal development: new contacts, new work or other personal goals. it may be as psychological as physical, but it is likely to be there when you create the best of you.Consider that not all pains are necessarily good.It may be a sign that this is not what you really want.In this case, it is important to rethink your values ​​and goals and then decide whether there are any things that you have not taken into consideration, perhaps you may get a false picture of your doctor when you are young, but as you walk through the Pre-Med school, you have noticed that the subject is not really interested in you. you may want to rethink goals to make things more appropriate. Do not just blurt the blind pain – make sure this is a sign of growth and not a sign of doing something that is incompatible with your best self

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