How much is your food? Can you cut it?

He's complaining a lot to his government that he can not buy anything with a dollar against the economic crisis and inflation. But did you know the US dollar in each country? I do not understand the conversion rate, but I mean "worthwhile". In many countries in Africa and Asia you can buy one dollar for a week. That's not true. For example, in Thailand, a meal such as spicy chicken or pork rice is between 20 and 40 Baht per serving. It's about $ 1 a meal.

* In India, food is extremely cheap. One pound of tomatoes or most vegetables costs about $ 0.28, one bread is about $ 0.23, half a kilo butter $ 1.28, 10 eggs $ 0.50.

You may think I live in the US. I can not afford to live there for less costly living expenses. Yes, it is not necessarily necessary to reduce the meal price. There are tips and techniques you can follow to reduce costs.

1. Design menus for a week ahead. You will see what elements are needed. You can compare this item with your weekly sales facility at the best price.

2. Cut food waste. Purchasing the amount of food can give you a bargaining opportunity, but you will not save money if you have to waste your waste. Consider placing freezer in food storage until it is needed.

3. Be self-discipline. Buy only designed items. Buying a pulse can destroy a budget.

4. Use coupons first. Coupons can reduce the total cost of food by 50% or more. A woman in a television show said that 2 adults and 3 children could prepare their food for a whole family for less than $ 30 a week. That's cattle good.

Weekly, follow the 4 steps and compare your earnings anywhere where the average meal cost is reduced. If not, find out what's going on every week. The first few weeks may be difficult for the novice. You have to believe in yourself and be more disciplined. Probably just go shopping later to check your shopping list.

If you've done everything, but you still can not reduce your food costs, make sure you've reached the lowest point.

Source by Naiyana Thamcheeveevong

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