How did I get from zero to $ 1000 per month?

It's really an amazing story and experience telling everyone how I went from zero to more than $ 1,000 a month on my blog's blog and career. Honestly, when I decided to spend full-time money in December 2007, I said to myself, "Hey, can I really do it?" Like joining a stiff competition on money online blogging? I have no experience how to work with codes, details, HTML editing, and the whole SEO stuff.

So I went basically from zero to more than $ 1000 monthly blog income, I know many top bloggers are looking for $ 25,000 and $ 100,000 a month, but for me this result has been in the past four months for active money blogging and learning the web.

Learning Blogging Quickly

Having decided to write and write full-time blogs for online clients, I can quickly learn as a blogger. I was very honored to be able to do it and become a professional blogger in the process. Actually, my biggest problem when I started blogging in September was the technical aspect of 2007. I knew I could not get html, codes, code snippets, widgets. However, on the side of the writing, I'm sure I can do it because I wrote it from high school and it has been a professional journalist and newspaper editor for more than ten years. Last December I bought my PC and started my new career, which I grew up in five years. So I was sleepless for studying the basics and technical aspects of blogging. Of course, there were many experiments and mistakes, but these were my guiding light to discover the art of blogging money in less than two months.

Keeping Costs

When I get to know some bloggers on the net, saying it's not easy to blog and you should be able to search, I was afraid I could not maintain the costs that may arise, such as domain purchases, monthly hosting, and other costs incurred. So, what I did was apply some of my blogs to Smortyra, Sponsored Reviews, AW Surveys, Bloggerwave, and other sites where they could be paid by writing short writing notes. You can do this even if you do not have enough money to keep blogging costs. Then I began to accept the writing of some clients online.

Source by Joel Escol